Real racing hd 2, iOS 5 and the immense potential

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by steviem, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I decided to give RR hd2 a go on my iPad 2 and I have to say, that with iOS 5, it is getting the idea of what I want in a game system.

    When nintendo announced wii u and said it isn't meant to be taken away from the console, I felt that Nintendo was missing the point.

    My initial experience with RR hd2 and iOS 5, from two races, in AirPlay mode to my AppleTV, the graphics are surprisingly good, just below that of gt5 on PS3. I only have an 802.11g network, and the game didn't stutter, only when it came to the replay, did it judder a little.

    Of course, the lack of physical buttons will hinder it for more advanced games like sports and fpses, but a gamepad wouldn't be too hard for apple to make.

    What I love about this prospect is that I can play a game on the train during my commute and then when I get home, I can continue with the game. So awesome.

    Now, there are probably people about to say, 'oh, but it'll cost too much for a family to use an apple tv and iDevices for the whole family just for a games console', but think about it: how many families do you know have a game console and their kids have iPod touches as well as gameboys?

    I think firemint has done a great job so far, and I think apple has an amazing opportunity right now to destroy Nintendo and hurt Microsoft and Sony in the process.
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    How do you like rr2? Thinking of purchasing it.

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