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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by LT1FirebirdSLP, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I will begin this by saying, I have tried traditional methods (i.e. Forum Search, Google Search, AppStore Search, etc.) However, without any real headway, I have found nearly a complete lack of Real Time Strategy Games that support local multiplayer action over wifi.

    What gives? Is there some sort of Apple policy that prohibits this? Is there just no interest in this function for this particular genere?

    I downloaded a bunch of games last night as 3 of my friends and I, whom all had iPads on a local network, resorted to playing repeated games of UNO and Monopoly. While it entertained us for awhile, we really wanted to play Civilization or something like that on the iPad against each other. Many of these games offer local multiplayer functionality on larger devices, however they do not, on the iOS platform.

    Suggestions would be great, or at least insight.

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert

    I'm sure the upcoming Gameloft starcraft clone will have multi player
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    I think the lack of local Multiplayer RTS games are basically just due to developers not making them yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Gameloft spurs the industry to follow it, though. They take time to make, and in general, there isn't a lot of RTS developers making games, right now. That's in stark contrast to Tower Defense, where there's a slew of them flooding the market.
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    I've been trying to find a good multiplayer rts too. Land Air Sea Warfare (i think that's what it's called) is one of the more popular RTS games on iOS and I talked to the developer who said that he probably won't be doing multiplayer simply because there aren't enough people playing the games to support an online multiplayer environment and the development effort for JUST wifi multiplayer isn't worth it in comparison to other requested features. This is the email he sent me:

    I doubt I will add multiplayer, but it is still something I am considering.
    I included my thoughts below which I emailed to someone else. I am adding a
    campaign mode to the game, and probably a sandbox mode, and will hope others
    make campaigns for the game which I will release.

    I decided to add a campaign first for several reasons:

    - much easier to implement and test
    - brings in more new players to the game than multiplayer would
    - widens the target audience of the game where multiplayer would narrow it
    - it is unknown if the userbase of the game is big enough to support a
    multplayer community that would have enough people so you could find a game
    most of the time
    - adding a campaign allows development of characters and a story to further
    define the games world
    - the poll showed forum members wanted each evenly! since the forum is
    composed of the most skilled/dedicated customers that the game is going to
    have, and multiplayer is known to cater towards those exact types of
    customers, a campaign mode is definitely the way to go since the general
    audience of the game isn't going to be nearly as skilled or dedicated.
    - due to the nature of mobile devices, long game times with multiple players
    will lead to frustration with dropped players and low battery much more so
    than a campaign would where you can stop and save at any point.

    > That's the main reason I've been very hesitant to implement multiplayer.
    With such a small game one thing people don't realize is how many people it
    takes to support a multiplayer community. Sure everyone wants multiplayer
    because they think there is going to be 1000 people online all the time like
    AAA games, but as people are finding out with Starfront that isn't the case.
    It takes A LOT of people playing the game all the time for there to be games
    available, and even then you need 10x that to support matching people of
    similar skills, as playing a noob or someone a lot more experienced than you
    isn't fun. So if Starfront doesn't have enough people online at release
    when the most people are going to be playing it in its lifetime it never
    > I added multiplayer to one of my other most popular games and there is
    virtually no one online ever, so I concluded for my other games which aren't
    as popular there is no way there is ever going to be enough people online.
    My games just aren't popular enough. Sure you can still do multiplayer
    between friends if you both know you want to play, but this really limits
    the scope multiplayer would be used, and add to that the fact that adding
    multiplayer to LASW is very difficult I concluded it isn't worth it.

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    I also wanted to try command & conquer. When it first came out for the iPhone I was excited but you couldn't even play it. It just crashed constantly. Now looking at the reviews for the iPad version, even though it was just updated in february it still crashes all the time. Not something I really wanna deal with, which is unfortunate cause I miss the old tiberian sun games and would love a good one on the iPad.
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    Mar 8, 2011
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    May 5, 2011
    Multiplayer confusion

    When I say multiplayer I am not saying it has to be an online game. Hey if I was able to play a local opponent would that not spread the fun and sales too? Just being able to play someone wifi locally on iPad would be awesome!
    Just my opinion.
    But....other then that this game is fantastic!! Nuff said!!!
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    Jan 27, 2010
    I just wish someone would make even a turn-based warfare game like Empire that you could play over the internet against someone....

    Or games that you can actually play without buying stupid 'magic beans' or 'magic coins' or whatever.... ENOUGH with the extra money you have to spend to play a game on this device. It pisses me off!

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