Real World Firewire 800 Speeds

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TyleRomeo, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Okay I'm seriously getting confused about the speed of Firewire 800. I have known that it's 800Mbps or 100MBps. But I'm hearing that it has a had time doing anything over 65MBps even in a 2 drive RAID 0. Is this true? I know USB 2 has a max of 480Mbps/60MBps but it only does about 30MBps. I always thought that Firewire was better than USB and it could actually deliver the speeds they advertised. What gives?
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    For Video, Firewire is highly recommended.

    With USB 2.0, you get these huge boosts of speed, but nothing constant. The speed fluxuates up and down, which can result in slower performance and frames getting dropped.

    Firewire 800 is the fastest of the 3, for what I have heard.
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    No math and no scientific method here but I uploaded and downloaded a folder of photos to an extreme IV CF card using a Sandisk USB 2 Card reader, and than the same procedure using a Sandisk FW800 card reader.

    Amount: 1.47GB

    USB 2:

    Uploading to card from computer = 2'10 minutes/sec
    Downloading to computer from card = 1'40 minutes/sec


    Uploading to card from computer = 1 minute
    Downloading to computer from card = 41 seconds


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