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    I have owned every model of keyboard/case that Zagg has produced, as well as the two primary Logitech offerings. I have been a strong supporter of Zagg for many years, to include the Invisibleshields.
    I purchased the Zagg Slim Book as soon as the Zagg corporate store offered them. While the initial quality seemed consistent with previous Zagg offerings, after only a few weeks of use, it became obvious that Zagg was moving in the wrong direction in regards to quality.

    Zagg Slim Book - The ability to detach the iPad is a great feature, which I used often. The aluminum keyboard was sufficient, but does have noticable flex for being aluminum. The keyboard is more prone to double strikes than previous Zagg offerings. The backlit keys are a great feature and work flawlessly, although Zagg has removed the multiple color options. The key feel, strike and depth are excellent. The hinge system on the revised keyboards is strong and holds the iPad securely. The main issue, and a major downfall, is the construction of the iPad case portion. In an apparent attempt to keep the weight to a minimum, Zagg has made a very thin case. The plastic is extremly brittle, much more than plastics used in previous Zagg models. As well, the design of the case has two areas that are very narrow and prone to breaking, the area near the volume buttons and the area surrounding the lighting port. My first case broke after two weeks of cautious, light use. When I returned to the corporate store, the employee immediately knew why an exchange was being requested, but did gladfully exchanged the product. The replacement unit broke within one week of the same use. The double strikes were also much worse. Due to the poor quality of the plastic and the noted weak design areas, I have stopped using the keyboard. While there are a few positives with the Zagg Slim Book, it is a negative departure from prevoius Zagg offerings. I would not recommend the product.

    I decided to try the Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro, which is my first Belkin keyboard. I have found some of the information contained in "professional" reviews to be inaccurate and/or very subjective. The magnet system has been an area of discussion in these reviews. I have found the magnet system to be more than adequate. The iPad and keyboard can safely be lifted by the iPad, without physically disconnecting from the keyboard. The keyboard offers two viewing angles, while being an initial concern, has proven to be a non-issue. The angles are well thought out and work for any given situation. The iPad can be placed in landscape or portrait positions, although the portrait position is more applicable to the keyboard being on a hard surface. The keyboard offers a single color backlighting of white, with multiple intensity options, all of which are more than sufficient for any ambient lighting condition. The key strike, travel and feel are the best of any keyboard on the market. While a few of the keys are smaller than other market offerings, the locations match full size keyboards. There are special function keys which are useful, that dont exist on other brands. The keyboard will pair with two devices and is easily switched between devices with the push of a button. I have not experienced one episode of a double strike while using the keyboard. Like the Zagg Slim Book, the iPad is contained in its own plastic case and easily detached for standalone use. The case does add considerable weight, but its a trade off for durability of the case. The back of the case is covered in a faux leather which adds class and scratch resistance. The case has a unique design whereas the speakers are directed towards the user. This makes a noticable difference when listening to audio. There has been extensive discussion regarding the Bluetooth connection of the keyboard, with many users and reviews documenting frequent disconnection. While this existed with the earliest versions, Belkin appears to have resolved the issue. Belkin has also released an App that updates the keyboard. This update is highly recommended.

    For those looking for a high quality, multi-function keyboard, case and detachable option, the Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro is the best option available for the iPad. Other than a modest weight gain with the case, Belkin has created the perfect iPad accessory.
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    Try typing while connected to Bluetooth headphones or a speaker. The keyboard becomes unusable due to multiple double, triple, and quadruple strikes.

    I also find that the iPad comes loose from the keyboard too easily, the magnets could definitely use more strength.

    They keyboard goes into sleep mode too soon, this should be an adjustable setting.

    Worst of all is no dedicated iOS function key row.

    I ordered the Zagg Tough Book keyboard case. I had a Zagg ProPlus on my iPad 3, and experienced none of the above issues. Hopefully this will be the case (pun intended) with the Tough Book.

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