Real world performance differences? eMac/iBook/Powerbook


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Mar 16, 2005

My household currently has 3 G4 Macs and, to me, it seems the newest addition, my iBook is not performing up to my expectations. I have noticed it the most when launching iPhoto, iTunes, and Office applications, as the apps take longer to launch on it compared to the other two computers.

Here are the specs:
eMac: 1ghz, 384MB RAM
PB: 1.33ghz, 512 RAM
iB: 1.33ghz, 512

Could anyone provide any perspective? To me, the eMac being faster is the greatest concern.



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Jan 15, 2003
51st State of America
Don't forget the eMac will have a faster hard drive than either ef the 2 books. I had that some emac model and before that I had the 15" 1.25Ghz Pbook, I never noticed a difference.
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