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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by deejay traxxx, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. deejay traxxx, Oct 18, 2014
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    Oct 13, 2014
    Well here´s my story.

    End of Jan. 2014 i bought a late 2013 MBpro Retina 15`.
    It all worked fine and still does. But last week i noticed that on the top of my display is a very thin line visible in the shape of a square. When i took a closer look i noticed that its the same size and area of the trackpad when the macbook is closed. It looks a bit like a stripe of dust or like some broken pixels...

    I dont have a camera here that can make a picture of this, maybe i can add this later on.

    I immediatly phoned apple and they advised me to go to a certified dealer for a lookup.
    So i did and after a week i got a message that my macbook was back.
    Whent to the shop and been informed that its not a warranty repair, it would cost €806,- to repair the issue....

    After having a little discussion i decided to phone apple again.
    After a few minutes there was a supervisor on the phone who actually said to me:

    Well Sir, this issue is not known to us, there are no other people with this problem so its impossible that its a product faillure and we aint gonna do a thing about youre problem. its probably accidental damage. Goodbye.

    I have never ever heard such a thing from a premium brand/ manufacturer.
    I paid a ******** of money for a laptop, i use it under normal conditions. Its 99% of the time just in my studio on the desk. The other 1% it travels in a sturdy case inside a laptop bag.

    If i just think logically, between the screen and trackpad there's a few Millimeters of space,, if i would have caused this problem myself by either putting pressure on the screen or putting something of load on my macbook, it would take so much force that the alu body would also have traces of damage. But its not the case, my macbook looks brandnew, no scratches or damages or whatever.
    And then i cant imagine that there would be a perfectly visible square on my screen. The edge of the keyboard is half a centimeter away from the trackpad edge, and there is nothing of that edge visible on my screen only the outher lines of the trackpad square.

    I am really diapointed in apple for treathing custumors like this.
    even if it would not be a warranty case they could try to help me and think of some kind off sollution instead of just telling me to pay the total repair bill and then to ufck off !!!
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    welcome to the club!

    Apple Service Partners are totally useless from my experience and so is the apple hotline. I decided to go straight to the Apple Store for the issue and they fixed it and said sorry for like 10 times because they kept me waiting for the genius for 5 minutes.

    also 806€ is way too high for a display replacement, the apple store i went to calculated 307€ but they did it for free
  3. deejay traxxx thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2014
    Yeah i have seen that thread already and also replied in it.

    Problem is there are no apple stores in my region only premium resellers.

    So im sending a letter now to Apple's headquarters in Amsterdam.

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