Really disappointed with Apple today...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ideal.dreams, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Jul 19, 2010
    I have an iPad 2 with a smart cover. I noticed that it was starting to mark up the side of my iPad so I called Apple to request a replacement. The guy I spoke to said he could get that set up. He explained to me it would be overnighted to my house and he would need to put a hold on my credit card. Understandable, for all they know I could be trying to steal it. He said the hold will be released when I send my old cover back, which all the materials I will need to do that (box & return label) will be included with the smart cover.

    I later found out that this guy lied to me with about everything he said. My cover was not overnighted (no big deal, I didn't need it ASAP. It came FedEx ground). I was charged in full for the iPad 2 Smart Cover + Tax and upon receiving my new cover, I didn't have anything to send it back with. At this point I'm furious and to add insult to injury I look at my online banking and notice another charge has been made to my account. I never authorized this charge and this set me over the edge.

    I've been off and on the phone with a senior advisor with Apple for the last two days. I explained that the two charges to my account shouldn't be there, that the rep I spoke to lied about the shipping and also about the claim that I would receive the materials I would need to send it back. The senior advisor I spoke to seemed clueless. I was on the phone for an hour and had somewhere to be, so he emailed me his contact information and I called him back when I got back home. No answer. Call back the next day. No answer. I decide to stop screwing around at this point and dispute both charges with my bank. The charge for the smart cover is pending investigation and the other small charge was credited back to my account no questions asked.

    The guy calls back. I tell him that both charges have been disputed and it's now a matter of returning this God forsaken smart cover back so I can put everything behind me. They can't find the order. Anywhere. This guy later finds out that this was not originally set up as a replacement at all, but as a purchase. Apple was not expecting anything to be shipped back to me. So the idiot I spoke to in the first place screwed EVERYTHING up. After spending an hour and a half on the phone with this senior advisor tonight, we left off with this: I can keep the smart cover and the dispute with its charge is currently underway.

    This has been a huge time waster and there is technically still no resolution. I love Apple but the experience I had tonight was definitely not up to their standards.
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    Jun 11, 2011
    Sadly this happens.
    I have had an insane problem with applecare.....
    That they are yet to solve (essentially they forgot to enroll auto enroll, we did not get a physical receipt, and there ebill is not in the system.. post if you want me to post the "map" of all of it..."
    Also we had an issue with apple charging us 480$ (triple charge)
    ...and when we requested refund they will not respond..

    We hope you get your problem fixed as they have cost as 700$
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    Jun 10, 2011
    This is bound to happen every once in a while with the volume of transactions they do, unfortunately you are one of the unlucky ones. I would certainly have expected them to take care of it before it came to you having to dispute the charges though.

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