Really good Bluetooth mouse for OS X?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by GoKyu, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I've been looking around for quite some time to see if there is a really nice, comfortable Bluetooth mouse with support for OS X.

    I don't use it to play games, but I do use it for Photoshop, so I'd prefer a laser mouse for the better control.

    Since I'm a righty, I'd also prefer something that's meant for use in the right hand (I know, this drops the available list from several to maybe 3 or 4, right?)

    I currently have a Logitech MX Revolution, which, to me is the BEST mouse I've ever used, period.

    The closest mouse I've found is also a Logitech, but it's part of the MX 5500 keyboard set (I'm willing to buy a refurb off eBay just to get the mouse, if that's what it takes.) It's a slightly smaller version of the MX Revolution, but full Bluetooth.

    The only issue might be that while Logitech makes great hardware, their OS X support is absolutely appalling. After having a perfectly working MX Revolution under Leopard, then Snow Leopard, I updated my LCC (Logitech drivers) and it lost the ability to control the device, even after downgrading to the old drivers.

    I've read about Steermouse, which I might have to use if I go that route.

    Does anyone know about any other good Bluetooth mice (full size, right-handed, if possible)?

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    Even after downgrading the drivers you still had a problem? That stinks! I was going to recommend the same mouse but you have it and have problems with it. Good luck in your search.
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    Yep, I think I would have to reinstall Leopard, reinstall the older drivers, then reupgrade to Snow Leopard, which I'm not willing to do. I'd rather pay a few bucks for Steermouse than go through all that.

    I saw the Razer mouse for OS X, and that looks intriguing, but I still prefer a Bluetooth model, since I already have BT built in, I'd rather not take up 2 USB ports, one for a mouse and one for a keyboard.
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    The Bluetooth version of the MX Revolution that comes with the 5500 is identical to the wireless USB version except for the color scheme - I have used both and there is no difference in size. The LCC in any incarnation does NOT support the Bluetooth version on OS X - the software included with the keyboard set is not the LCC. Earlier in the year, I tried SteerMouse, USB Overdrive, and Controller Mate for my Bluetooth MX, but none was perfect.

    For starters, of the three only Controller Mate could detect the Search button, which is why I decided to use it. None of them supported automatic switching from click- to freewheel scrolling, and none detected the scroll wheel button at all. Controller Mate at least still doesn't, though I am not sure about Overdrive. I've written the developer asking, but he hasn't responded yet.

    I found my overall experience to be best with USB Overdrive at the time, but I went with Controller Mate for the sole reason that it registered the Search button. From what I have read, the newest version of Overdrive now does see the Search button, so I will likely switch back if this is the case.

    I cannot recommend Controller Mate very strongly, since it has a number of quirks the other two didn't, the most bothersome of which being that when many of the extra buttons are used, whatever the cursor is over will frequently register a left-click. For example, let's say you have pulling the thumb wheel set to show all windows in Exposé. If you pull the thumb wheel while the cursor is over a link in Safari, that link will be clicked. Likewise, if your cursor is over a song in iTunes, that song will be selected. It gets very annoying, since this behavior did NOT happen with SteerMouse or USB Overdrive.

    Second, in Snow Leopard, using the thumbwheel to show all windows in Exposé often requires that the wheel be continuously pulled to keep all windows visible. Release it, and Exposé gets dismissed. This didn't happen in Leopard with any of these drivers and was not fixed by reinstalling Controller Mate.
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    I've used steermouse with various mice, including several logitechs, for years and cannot recommend it highly enough. Highly customizable, very easy to understand, and works flawlessly and invisibly once it's set up.

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