Really love my MBP (rant)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by h1r0ll3r, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Don't have any questions or anything but just felt like sharing my experiences with my new MBP :D

    I am recent defect from the MS world. Really liked my HP DV9000t 17" but it was big and bogged down by so much bloatware/viruses/etc. Still use it for watching DVD's since it has an HD screen but don't really use it for much else these days.

    Had been wanting to get a MBP for some time but the price of these things can be outrageous. I thought shelling out $1,200 for the HP was a lot so these MBP's nearing the $3,000 range was quite a put off for me. The white Macbook was out of the question for me since I NEED to have top of the line hardware in my laptops. Have no real need for it but it's nice to know that stuff is there :p Having heard from other people/colleagues/friends about how their MBP's work great and don't have as many issues like PC's do, I finally decided it was time to take the plunge.

    Having never used a Mac before, this was all new territory to me. Didn't know how things worked in OSX, what the similarities/differences between Mac/PC was, etc. Like most other people, I was stuck between getting the 13" or the 15". Having a 17" before, either one of those would've been great since lugging the 17" was a pain. Liked the 13" a lot but the specs (primarily the processor) wasn't good enough for me. Had the 13" come with the i7 then there would've been no question about that. Ultimately decided on a near full spec 15" i7 MBP.

    With the exception of the 512gb SSD, I got pretty much every option available at the time for my MBP. I figured if I'm going to spend a lot, might as well get a lot right? Kinda of wished I had gotten the SSD but I'll wait until they come down in price and upgrade then. HR screen, 8gb RAM, 7200rpm HD; this was clearly the most powerful laptop I've ever owned and was thrilled by it.

    In about a month or so, I started getting used to all the little nuances of OSX and the differences on what I can do as opposed to what I used to be able to do on a PC. Like everyone said, not a huge difference or learning curve involved with this. Most things act the same and some files are located somewhere else that I'm not used to looking. Overall, the transition was pretty smooth. I'm now completely setup on my Mac (still have to use some PC programs for work) but I can say that I'm really glad that I made the switch and don't ever intend on going back....unless it's to watch DVD's on the 17" laptop :)

    So, overall, really really love my MBP. It's fast, not bloated with crap, battery life is amazing and the look of the laptop is truly something else. That was another thing that struck me was the craftsmanship (I know robots make these things but you know what I mean. Saying it looks like a piece of art may be a little extreme but it certainly is a dandy to look at. Clean lines, highly refined look and feel etc etc etc. My HP looks like it was made from 2,000 parts from 80 manufacturers.

    So, thanks for reading my "blog" about my MBP. Hopefully, other newbies to the Mac world can share you experiences here too. Haven't quite sunken/risen (depending on your POV) to fanboy status :rolleyes: yet. But Apple has made me a believer in the MBP line and I look forward to more Macs in the future.

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    Good post! These boards are full of so many problems and issues, it's nice to read something positive like this. Hope you get years of good use out of your new computer!
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