Really need some advice please :(

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    I know it’s a lot of info but I really need some advice.

    I live in Sheffield in the UK so there is an Apple store nearby but my Warranty has run out and wanted to get some advice before I go.

    Apple Power Mac 2x3Gb quad core (Early 2008)

    I have been having start up issues for a while but it seems like it's getting worse.

    When this issue started it would boot, and then when the screen went blue before loading the desktop, it stalled and then the blue screen went checkered OR it booted but under the mouse there were 7 vertical lines.
    This is now got worse were it was failing to boot at all….. the power light comes on, it clicks, then it powers off. I fixed this by removing all RAM and booting with no RAM then re-added the RAM and reset PRAM.
    It then booted with all previous RAM inserted????? I've also tried resetting SMU

    Here are a few questions I need some help on:

    Do you guys think that means its RAM?
    Can a mac boot with no graphics card, Infact what is the minimum a mac needs to boot for testing puposes?
    Obviously RAM is more expensive from an apple shop, are things like logic boards and power supply equally overpriced?
    Can anyone recommend any Hardware diagnostic software?
    Does anyone know if the Apple shop charge per hour or per incident?
    I have read about diagnostic lights on the Mac but can't seem to find them on my modal (any directions would be great)
    I have also read about a hard reset button on the logic board but that was for a different model

    Yours hopefully

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    Could be that or the GFX card.

    A processor, bit of RAM and a boot drive.

    Those parts can get very expensive, but you can get them from places other than Apple.

    Have you looked at the Apple Service Manuals ? These are the official internal servicing guides from Apple. You can find them in PDFs on the net. You should definitely go through that document before sending in the Mac to Apple.

    Here is the file:
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    What do you mean by "Power Mac early 2008"? If you mean you bought a new model at 2008 it probably is an Intel based Mac Pro and not a Power Mac (PPC). Anyhow, Re-seating RAM fixes alot of weird booting problems like that, but from personal experience with the machine it's most likely not your memory. Have you checked your hard drive? If I were you, I'd backup immediately and then run diagnostics for my HD. It could be very likely that it is your graphics card btw. Unfortunately your mac cannot run without it because it doesn't have an On-Board card. Another interesting thread you might want to read, its the first result I got when googling about the vertical lines on your cursor. Worths a try. Please report back with your progress as I'm interested to how things worked out.

    PS: About the diagnostic lights, I only know of the red lights on the RAM modules that indicate something is wrong (I had this happen to me in the past usually after adding new hardware. Re-seating always fixed the problem)
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    sounds like it could be graphics card, but since parts like logic board and power supplies only come from Apple or less reputable sources you should just take it it to the shop and let them tell you what it is. They charge per incident.

    If you want to experiment on your own, i'd try the GPU.
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    Another thing - which graphics card have you got? Mac cards are usually getting very dusty because of the way their fans work; they suck air from the side instead of the top (like most pc cards) because it makes more sense with the way the air is circulated inside your machine. My old Mac X1900 XT would need me to clean it every now and then, otherwise it would give me overheating problems and even kernel panics. Have you tried pulling out your card and cleaning the fan?
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    Thank you for the Info and the link to that doc that should be very useful


    It is an Intel based Mac Pro early 2008 model 2x Quad core 3Gb processors

    I have two seperate disks both with a full system image so I rulled out HDD? I assume if only one drive had an issue the other would still boot by default?

    Right I tried without it and it didnt seem to boot I have it booting again now so may try it with a PRAM reset thrown in as others seem to think it would work?

    I did see this when I googled but as it only happened every so often and I have had other wied symptoms and solutions such as re-seating RAM I didn't want to replace the Logic board as the user eventually did in that post

    Thats interesting when I couldn't get it to boot I had a red light whenever the machine tried to boot......I'll get back to you on that one

    Thanks for all the help everyone i'll get back to you asap :)

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