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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by PeteRileyINC, Jul 6, 2012.

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    ok, so there are few keys on my keyboard acting strangely lately.

    the delete key doesnt want to work sometimes. but not like if it were sticking or something, because if i highlight the word/letter/url and press delete, it works. but if i just press it while i am typing normally, it wont. this only happens sometimes, after like 2 minutes or so it will start working again.

    next, the volume control keys on the top right are being stupid. same with the delete key, sometimes they will work normally. but other times, they do functions of other keys, ie the mute button does the four-finger swipe action, the volume own key does the calender/dashboard looking interface thing, and the volume up does the other four-finger swipe action. this makes ZERO sense.

    i didnt drop the computer or spill water or anything like that, it just started randomly. and like i said, it happens in spurts.

    o and the play/forward/previous music keys will go back and forth between not wrking and working too, forgot to mention that.

    if anyone has any idea to fix these issues, id be really grateful. please lol its Really annoying (especially since as long as ive been typing this post, the delete key isnt wanting to work. every typo, ive had to go and highlight the mistake to delete it. really frustrating)



    someone please help :(
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    Classic symptoms for an SMC re-set:
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