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    So I got 2 moto x with the cyber Monday deal. I think this phone comes close to a android device I would be happy with and I really wanted to finally ditch iPhone after ios7 came out.

    Everything was going well until I found that 4.4 kitkat breaks HD video playback on most devices not running a snapdragon 800. So I already had one upgraded and the other was on 4.2.2. So I figured I would stay with that one but then I noticed that 4.2.2 is much less smooth than 4.4 with ART runtime. I would see constant hickups with animations.

    Well at least it's android so it must be easy to jailbreak and fix these issues on my own right? Not quite. Other than nexus devices and developer versions, unlocking boot loader officially will void warranty (at least with moto).

    So I spent a good 3-4 hours attempting to root the device which on new , non nexus devices sometimes requires jumping through a lot oh hoops and having almost zero community support because all android phones are different.

    The biggest difference I noticed was input lag. Even on brand new android phones, input is much less responsive than iPhone. It's not a deal breaker but when I did a real assessment of how I use my phone day to day, android (once again) was unable to convince me. It's close but looks like I'm gonna return it and stay with iPhone for another year.

    I'm really impressed with android though and how far it's come since a year ago. I'm excited to give my mom the second phone for Christmas. I think she will love it.
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    I'm going to make a video using my iPad Mini and iPod 4th gen to show what input lag looks like. Both bought brand new, on the latest releases of iOS (which is iOS 6 on the iPod) and very little apps taking up memory.

    Calling b.s. on this. (Not the part where you spent 3-4 hours, but the zero community support part.) I believe you spent 3-4 hours, especially if you are new to rooting, since you are basically learning, but it can be done in roughly 5 minutes if you know what you are doing or use a toolkit. Nexus devices can be done in about 30 seconds via adb/fastboot.

    You want to look at support, here you go: If you call that zero support, you can't be helped.

    And XDA even has a toolkit for the noob. Talk about easy:

    P.S. ART is still a beta product and not widely coded for yet. There is warnings all over the internet that many apps are broken if you try to use ART. Dalvik is going away, but today it is still the runtime version to use, especially for noob's.
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    I find input lag on Android quite irritating to. So far, I've owned the original Nexus 7, the Asus Memo Pad Smart and the new Nexus 7 and I still don't understand why it happens. On my iPad and iPhone, the screen responds instantly to your finger, yet on all those devices (and others I've tried from friends) there's always a delay. It's annoying.

    I don't think you'll be talking about the same thing. By input lag, for example, if you do a pinch to zoom gesture in the web browser the screen should respond the instant you begin the gesture. In Android, there is always a delay between when you start the gesture and when it begins to do it on screen.

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