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Nov 22, 2009
Does anyone know if Realmyst still works under Snow Leopard? I would like to buy it but Im running Snow Leopard and havent been able to find anything pertaining to if it works or not.


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Dec 24, 2009
I think not

I had an old copy of RealMyst. I cannot run it on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.2 (as you may know, no Classic system is included in Snow Leopard). When I install it, it does not ask for the password as the manual claims it would do for OSX. It installs successfully, but crashes on running.

The relevant error messages from the crash report seem to be:
Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000006e650045

If I do not have the disc in, it does not crash before attempting to detect the disk.

If anyone knows how to make it work, I would like to know too. I never actually finished it when I had it on my PPC years ago!


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Oct 1, 2003
Got it working!

Hey Guys, I got it working.

Here's what I did.

1) Installed as usual.
2) Used Toast to make a disk Image of the original CD
3) Moved the default install folder from /Mac Play/RealMyst to /Applications/Games/RealMyst
(I'm sure this didn't change anything, but thought I'd still make note of it)
4) Found a copy of the RealMyst update version 1.1.1 patch (realMyst_patch-1_1_1-US-Mac.sit) Here

5) Installed the update
6) mounted the disk image
7) the game is working great on my MacBook Pro with MAC OS X 10.6.2

* Remember to make sure you have Rosetta installed.

Hope that helps !

A couple of extra notes that might help.
* It is handy to have Stuffit Expander installed to help with the .sit file
* Although I used Roxio Toast, I am confident you could also accomplish this with the Apple Disk Utility located at: /Applications/Utilities/Disk


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Oct 1, 2003
**Original message came from here**

Howdy! I am trying to connect with you to ask your help. I have been very impressed with your posts. I am a MAC geek but being a physician I can't compare with you IT peeps. Congrats on being a MAC IT guy BTW.

Anyway I need help with regard to your great post on using the MAC MYST Real 3d program on my new MACBOOK PRO 17" with SL. I followed your advice the best I could. Installed Real Myst. Used my toast 10titan. to make make a disk image (I think). Downloaded your REAL MYST fix patch but being a .sit I could not open and so am stuck. Although I guess I could run this in BOOT CAMP I am using your post as an educational opportunity to delve further in the Power of the Mac and Toast. Thank you for your time!

Please respond here if you can...

There's several solutions that might be of help with the .sit file.
here's a few steps to try

1) Right-click (secondary-click, or control+Click if you prefer to call them one of those) On the .sit file
2) in the contextual menu that appears go to the "Open With" option.
Hopefully one of the following will be in the list. (If not I'll discuss that in a second)
- StuffIt Expander
- BetterZip

If those are listed (I know there's other apps that can, you may have one listed) then you should be set to go.

IF you still don't have anything to open it with, then We'll want to grab stuffit Expander (it's free)

Stuffit Expander Used to be included with Mac's not sure why they stopped, anyhow, here's where to get it

After going through there process to download, then do a quick install and youcan now handle .sit files. :)

Hope that helps helps some, if it's not very clear or you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

All the best,


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Feb 23, 2010
Tried to do what arkmannj suggested, but I keep ending up with an empty disk image when I use Disk Utility. I think I'm actually messing up where it says "Used Toast to make a disk Image of the original CD." I'm using Disk Utility rather than Toast (my version of Toast is...well, toast. Doesn't work on SL and I don't have the $ to get the newest version), though.

How do I get it to burn the right folders?

ETA: Never mind, I was doing it wrong. I mounted the original CD and instead of running realMYST from there, I ran it from the patched application of the same name in my Applications/realMYST folder (I changed the original install location to that, deleting the leftover MacPlay Games folder after the fact). Everything's working great--now to remember everything!


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Aug 23, 2008
I have been trying to get RealMyst to work on my Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook in 10.6.4, but am having some trouble. When I open the "Install realMyst Patch" file, it crashes at "Gathering Information…". I have been able to run the game by turning off one of my two processors, but would like to run the game on both of them. Any ideas?

Also, for some reason I do not get any sound when running a new game but I do if I load a saved game. Any idea why this would be?



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Aug 19, 2009
This game works for me on my black Macbook running 10.6.4.

1. Install Rosetta from 10.6 DVD
2. Install RealMyst
3. Apply Patch 1.1.1
4. Launch RealMyst (You may need to tinker with the resolution settings)

I have used the following settings:

Performance - Optimise for Quality
Resolution - Millions of Colours

- 640 x 480 (crashes)
- 800 x 500 (works)
- 800 x 600 (works)
- 1024 x 640 (crashes)
- 1152 x 720 (works)
- 1280 x 800 (crashes)

The sounds works for me when I play the game but for some strange reason it continues on sporadically after I have closed the application... weird!


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Aug 23, 2008
I'm not sure what happened, but I am able to play the game with both processors now. I haven't done too much testing, but any of the performance settings seem to work and I am able to use the 1280x800 resolution. Still have the sound issue though.


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Jul 26, 2010

Sorry to be such a dope, but can anyone tell me where I can get hold of REALMYST in the first place ??? I'd love to run it on my MacBook under Snow Leopard, and I think with the help of the thread here, I'll manage that, but I can't seem to find a download site / option for the game even on the Apple Store. Thanks for any help !
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