Realtor Wanting to go Mac: Help


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Aug 14, 2006
I'm currently a PC user and I would really love to go with a Mac. My problem is that the software Ambiance that is used to post and check MLS listings is a Windows only application.

I would like to get Mac for mananging my email, photos and scheduling.

The problem is if I got a Mac and used Bootcamp I be in windows for most of the time posting or looking up listings.

My question is if you are a realtor what is your current solution to all of this. How do you process your images and everything else with a mac and deal with posting your listings.

Also did you go with a MacBook or PowerMac and does it work with Bootcamp okay?


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May 22, 2006
I'd recommend using Parallels (, which will allow you to run Windows inside of Mac OS X, so you don't have to reboot.

A macbook would be more than enough for this, but you probably should upgrade the ram to 1GB.


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Mar 31, 2006
It’s all about Parallels for sure! I have 2GB of Ram in my MBP and Parallels can load XP under 8 seconds and is as fast as most high end PC's! (Speed is not and issue here) I can use zip forms, MLS and a few other BS programs during the day without a glitch. (At the same time even!) I highly recommend you switch over and start enjoying computers all over again!

BTW, PDF files load insanely fast!


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Aug 4, 2006
I'm also a Realtor. Right now I'm still working with a Sony Vaio. But once the Macbook Pro is updated I'm switching. My wife has a Macbook, and I love it! I haven't yet figured out how to share files from XP to OSX yet via Parallels, but I've only played around for a bit with that stuff...


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Aug 4, 2006
solvs said:

Good list. But the most important tool of all to Realtors is the MLS system. Point your Safari or any other browser running on a MAC OS to and tell me what you see. It is a mess of activex controls...

I think around 99% of the Real Estate companies access the MLS system through a similar set-up. I'm pretty new to the business, but when I get a little more into the field you can be sure that every one from my office Broker to the local, state and national real estate boards are going to be hearing from me a lot! They are really the ones at fault for creating such a monster in the first place!

There are also a ton of other systems that are company specifc that are only PC based also. Its a real shame, but for now Real Estate agents are locked into using Windows. But at least now we can run it on a Mac.


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Apr 13, 2006
petteri said:
I haven't yet figured out how to share files from XP to OSX yet via Parallels, but I've only played around for a bit with that stuff...
Sharing is best done through the 'shared folder' that can be setup of very easily in parallels. It is like 4 easy steps listed in the manual. It shows up on Mac desktop as Shared Folder and on Windows it looks like a network folder that has the Shared Folder inside of it (assuming you named it Shared Folder).