Rearth Ringke Silicone case for iphone 4

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    Rearth Ringke iPhone 4 Case

    There are so many plain silicone cases out there but Rearth has made one that is a little more unique than the others. The Rearth Ringke is a all silicone skin that covers the back and the sides of your iPhone. First thought on this case were that I have never liked silicone cases because they are loose and catch in the pocket to easily, seeing how my phone is in my pocket 90% of the day silicone cases haven't worked out well for me. The package is simple it just comes with the case, no screen protection kit which as you know drives me crazy as you can get quality screen protectors with other companies cases.

    The Rearth Ringke is a thin silicone case, it offers great scratch protection for the covered areas. It offers a good lip on the front that gives you good lay on table design. The silicone is very thin so I question the actual amount of drop protection the case with withstand, I think it would withstand very minor drops. The case has a cutout for the apple logo which looks really cool but will allow dirt and lint to get in between the case and iPhone, I would recommend a back screen protector with this case, it will fit I am using a lucky labs carbon back while testing this case. The volume and on/off buttons are covered which leaves the headphone jack, volume rocker, and dock port open. Rearth also sells dock port and headphone jack plugs to match the colors of this case, they look good and add a little bit of protection to the case.

    The Functionality of this case I have to say is pretty good. It has very responsive buttons where you can feel the clicking every time. The case comes over the front glass to give lay on table design without bubbling screen shields. The 30 pin dock connector is kind of small but the silicone is thin enough it that you should be able to use most connectors. The case has a high polymer coating on it that gives it a smooth matte finish that will not get lint stuck to it and makes it easy to take in and out of the pocket. The design of the case is pretty precise, it will allow for front and back screen protectors and I even have a carbon skin on the back and it still works fine. The sides of the silicone case are a little bit loose if pulled on it will allow dirt and lint to get in there but the fit is pretty tight, it is more of the thin nature of the silicone that stretches if caught on something.The camera cutout on the back is designed the way most cases should be. It has a fitted camera hole with a much larger flash hole to keep washout from being a problem. The apple cutout is slightly bigger than the mirror logo so it shows the black glass some and I think it adds a very unique design feature that I have not seen before.

    The quality of the design is pretty good, it allows front and back screen protectors. The high polymer coating makes the silicone very smooth and takes the tacky rubbery feeling away so there will be less chance of the case catching on thing and tearing it. The camera works like it should and the buttons are very responsive. The design is very squared off and fitting to the actual iPhone design.

    Overall this case isn't going to protect you from major drops, but it will protect you from everyday scratches and fumbles. I would recommend this case to someone who like to switch them out very easy for different colors or someone who just wants a minimum protection case that keeps the slim feel for the iPhone intact. USE a back screen protector or skin with this case cause the apple cutout will let dirt and lint in and you want to keep that glass protected, also take case off frequently and remove dust and dirt.

    You can pick this case up a the Rearth site for $16.99 They come in many colors listed below.

    aqua black
    red wine
    sky blue
    slate grey
    true blue

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    Thanks for the review! Looks like a nice case. I like the way they cut out the Apple logo.
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    This is a very nice looking silicone case but I wouldn't recommend it .I'd bought one for my wife a few months back but was disappointed because the front lip and sides of the case is very flimsy, which make it very loose and wouldn't hold on to the phone.
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    The fit is nice but like I said in review it's the thin nature of the silicone that makes it loose and flimsy.
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    Yes the bottom fit is ok but the top is very very flimsy. It would come off of the phone when you take it out of your jean pocket. I had a lot of silicone cases for my old 3gs but nothing that I had has a flimsy front as this case.

    By the way very nice review.
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    i have seen in some other thread where people will boil there silicone to get it tighter, might give it a try to see what it does.
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