Reason for iPhone being factory-reset updating to iOS 5

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    Now, there are a lot of people arguing that upgrading to iOS 5 resets your iPhone as if it was right out of the factory.....and I have the same experience.

    I have recently updated my iPhone 4 from iOS 4 to iOS 5.

    While i was updating, all my Apps were lost in the process, and after my phone was updated to iOS 5, my phone became like a new phone. Empty. Everything gone.

    But strangely, this wasn't an issue to me when I upgraded from iOS 3 to iOS 4 on my iPad1 some time ago....and I felt this is somewhat weird.

    So, I looked up for the proper procedure for updating iOS 5 on Apple website, and I have found this :

    plz check


    As part of the update and restore process, iTunes will (in order):

    1.Back up key elements of your device, such as settings, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and your Camera Roll1. iTunes will not, however, back up media content from your iOS device, such as music, apps, books, movies, and TV shows.
    2.Update your device to iOS 5.
    3.Restore your device from your most recent backup.4.Restart your device.
    5.Sync back media content from your iTunes Library to your device.

    From 3 and 5, I came to a conclusion that updating your iPhone to iOS 5 WAS NOT DESIGNED TO, AND

    Instead, if the update has been successful, then it should bring back all the Applications, music and other data the iPhone originally had previously to the update.

    So I thought for a while...did a little research.....What came to my mind is :

    1. I have turned OFF the option "Sync Apps" on the Apps tab on my Device page. - Checkbox UNCHECKED

    2. I have turned ON the feature "Prevent iPods, iPhones....from syncing automatically" on the iTunes Preference --> Devices tab. Checkbox CHECKED

    I think either 1 or 2, or maybe both, may have prevented the updating to iOS 5 from properly syncing back the downloaded Apps back to my iPhone.

    I am personally leaning more closely to the assumption that the 1st factor (Unchecking the Sync Apps checkbox) is causing the problem....

    And I think this is exactly why many people are suggesting you to manually perform the "Restore from Backup" process one more time, in order to successfully bring back the applications (app itself, its page location, folder structure) back to the status as it was before.

    Any ideas & pros/cons will be greatly appreciated.
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