Reasons why jailbreaking is better than not on 3GS

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by TeamDNA, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Sep 7, 2009
    In no particular oder .

    1.Easily enable native tethering (use iphones 3G connection on your laptop)

    2.ORBIT-if you have multiple pages of apps you can seamlessly switch between pages without swiping

    3.qTwitter-awesome interface that with a swip down from the status bar your able to update facebook and twitter through any app your in.

    4.Categories-If you dont want tons of apps on your springboard. you have the ability to but your apps into categories freeing up space.

    5.QuickReply-if you get a text you can reply to it not matter what app you are in. which solves the problem of having to leave a game or video your watching on your iphone

    6.Emulators- You can run NES,SNES,PSX,GBA,GAMEBOY,GENESIS, which run at full speed on 3GS

    7.Backgrounder-if you want to listen to pandora in the background you can do so . wanna go do something and leave your game running in the backgound you can.

    8.Fontswap-you can change your system fonts to multiple fonts

    9.Winterboard-Complete customization of your iphone including icons backgrounds, different carriers,different sliders ,

    10.MyTones-gives you the ability to use any song from you ipod and turn it into a ringtone .NO COMPUTER REQUIRED

    11.3G unrestrictor -makes the apps you choose think they are on wifi. Such as itunes and appstore and youtube..view high quality youtube videos on 3G, for itunes and appstore removes the 10MB limit when downloading an app

    12.Poof-you can hide any apps that you choose and unhide them whenever you want.

    13.Lockdown-gives you the power to lock any application with a password so only you can get in.

    14.dtunes-ability to download music for free(not that i approve just another feature of jailbreaking) You can also stream and download videos directly to your iphone.

    15.VLC4iPhone-Enables you to play videos not supported by mp4 format

    16.Insomnia-Keeps wifi running even when your iphone goes to sleep.

    17.Rename-you can rename any app to whatever you please

    18.Cydialer-puts your favorite contacts on your lockscreen with the ability to call anyone without opening your phone.

    19.Installous-download cracked apps(again i dont approve just saying)

    20.iBlacklist-If you want to block a certain number that is texting or calling you can do so.

    21.SBSettings-With a swip of your finger across the status bar multiple and customizable toggles come down with the ability to turn on and off, WIFI,Brightness,3G,SSH,and others you can add to it .

    So thoes are some on the things that make me love my jailbroken iphone. anyone can add there thoughts and whatnot
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    Kirikae is excellent. I keep meaning to send Ashikhasae (sp) a donation.

    iFile is also fabulous. I find it so useful that I paid for the full version.
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    Why did you feel the need to compile a poorly written list? I swear, reading this forum makes me dumber.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Nobody forces you to read or reply to anything......

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    What a jerky thing to say.

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