Rebel sim cards discussion with rep/ anyone use these

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  1. SMkdesigns macrumors regular

    Oct 2, 2007
    You are now chatting with PreSales Support

    seth: do you ship to the us
    PreSales Support: Welcome to Rebel Simcard Pre Sales Chat. Please tell your me your country & how may i help you ?
    PreSales Support: yes
    seth: if so how much does cost
    PreSales Support: see website
    seth: also i am looking to buy a unlock sim for my iphone 3g what will i need? also how long does it usual take to ship to the us.
    PreSales Support: buy a limited offer.
    seth: limited offer what do you mean
    seth: where are those
    PreSales Support:
    PreSales Support: see this link
    PreSales Support: see the above link.
    seth: yes i see it however cant i just buy the sim card and the cutter
    seth: i dont need the programer i was told before
    PreSales Support: Apple iPhone v2.1 is already supported by Rebel Simcard. Please buy a programmer also, it is used to update your Rebel Simcard to the latest version. Let us say if tomorrow v2.2 comes up then Apple might block our solution, and we will release an update, so you can use the programmer to update your Rebel Simcard and use it on the newer version.
    seth: really how does that work
    PreSales Support: Program Rebel Simcard to a new version. Example Shown with CK (Cornish Key) Programmer to update Rebel Simcard to new version.
    PreSales Support: see this video.
    seth: ok i am waiting on it
    seth: so if i buy a rebel sim
    PreSales Support: ok
    seth: i can always upgrade the the siim itself to match the firmware
    PreSales Support: yes
    seth: i dont need this UK Network Simcards - 3 Units. i live in the us
    PreSales Support: these are free cards
    PreSales Support: whenever you come to UK you can use that networks simcards
    seth: if i just buy a card and a cutter does it have the newest versions of the firmware for the iphone 3g
    PreSales Support: yes
    seth: one more question
    seth: about the tape, what is that for
    PreSales Support: we recommend buy a programmer also
    PreSales Support: with tape easy to insert rebel sim + network sim
    seth: any idea on shipping time from rebel sim location to the us
    PreSales Support: its depends upon on shipping method you select.
    PreSales Support: if you select DHL it takes 3 -5 days
    seth: yea that video was for window i am on a mac. ok
    PreSales Support: and with royal it takes 8-10 days to deliver

    oh and if you have a rebel sim ill buy one from you. i dont want to want for there shipping i need one asap. also is the programmer important do you guys have one
  2. dereck66 macrumors newbie


    Oct 25, 2008
    I have two rebel sim cards. And I would agreed to purchase programmer as he sguuested! I bought rebel sim card soon after I've got my iPhone 3G (on v2.0). At first the rebel sim card was not very stable (losing signal), and I have contacted the aftersale support, they suggested me to upgrade firmware on the rebel sim card (you will need programmer to do it). It did solved the problem.

    And when iPhone 3G relased v.2.0.1 -> v.2.0.2 -> v.2.1, they also released new firmware accordingly. So you can still continue to use your rebel sim card with any problem.

    Yet people says it is not a good solution, but until soft-unlock is available, I am happy with this rebel sim.
  3. SMkdesigns thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 2, 2007
    i apprricate it! i think that rebel will be the way to go! it cost 60 to get a sim card and the cuter and a programmer. The special they have going you get like 3 ro 5 sim cards

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