Rebirth of the Cube?


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Mar 31, 2004
Los Angeles
Is it confirm that they are releasing a new computer this tuesday coming up.

Does anyone have a website with theories what is being released or talked about?


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Aug 30, 2003
thread cross-reference. This application is related to the old Cube.

Notably, the "new features" including the fan possibility were included in the older, issued patents.

[Edit: It might be interesting to diff the old patents and the revised apploication to see what the real stuff being patented is.

...and, a diff suggests that this is mostly about i-dotting and t-crossing. The newer application is more specific than the old patents, covering details such as a vertically mounted optical drive and so on. This really looks like a firming up to make sure the patent holds up to challenges from other SFF computer makers.]


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Jan 14, 2005
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dan-o-mac said:
I'd rather have a seperate lcd and upgradeable computer. And I say that as a former iMac owner. :D
Agreed. If I want an integrated screen, I'll buy another notebook.

A Cube v2 with a metal case (rather than the easily scratched Lucite of the original) and enough space for a second video card and hard drive (in other words, a larger Mac mini) would be awesome... especially if it were a featureless cube with just the Apple logo carved into one of the sides and only a thin slot for the optical drive.


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Aug 3, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
kitki83 said:
Does anyone have a website with theories what is being released or talked about?

I've been looking for the same thing, man. They need to make a site all about Apple and Macs, and make it where people can post different rumors they've heard and ideas they have. That would rock. They can even call it something like... MacRumors..... :D