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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by OrangeSVTguy, Jan 21, 2008.

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    ok so i've been trying to calibrate the battery on my g3 ibook as it seems to die(sleep) at around 50% as indicated by the battery level. if i were to plug it back in and wake it, it then reads 0%. i get around 4 hours or so on my battery. i've let it sit for over 18 hours and the little light on the front still fades in and out. how can i completely drain my battery so i can get somewhat of an accurate battery indicator? should i let it sit longer? i thought 5 hours would have been long enough or am i not doing this right:confused:

    i'm stumped

    right before my battery dies, should i manually put my mac to sleep?

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    The usual method is to just use your computer or let it sit until it goes into sleep mode. Make sure to check your power options so it doesn't go into sleep mode in 2 hours; choose Never. Once it has gone into sleep mode let it sit for about 4 hours without charging. After the 4 hours you plug the power back in and let it charge while in sleep mode or you can use it while charging.
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    Btw, its good practice to do this every month.
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    In this example the max charge number is larger than the original charge amount.? Am I reading that wrong or not knowing something about that software or how it works?

    I thought the most you could get was the original batter charge maximum.

    How is this example showing more than that by quite a lot??

    THANKS for any help.

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