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    Feb 25, 2008
    This is my first time purchasing an Apple computer. Its a 17" MBP Penryn with the LED backlighting from Apple in the mail today. Its beautiful! But I need some quick help:

    1. On the bottom of the screen where it says finder, dashboard, email, safari, ichat, etc.. How do I add the AOL and Yahoo Messenger Icons (i downloaded the software and it works)? The icons for AOL and Yahoo Messenger only display down there when I open the program. Once I close the application it removes it from that row of icons at the bottom. I'd also like to know how to delete some of them?

    2. How do I right click? I tried putting 2 fingers and clicking but nothing displays.

    3. How do I check the temperature of my laptop like many of you do? Is that a program in the computer already? It got hot really quick on the left speaker side and the bottom of the screen when I first turned it on and is still hot. The bottom back side is also hot.

    4. Finally, I would also like to know how to set the mouse pad to click on an icon, for example, via double-tapping (rather than clicking the plastic tapper in front of the mouse pad)?

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    Dec 5, 2006
    1. Right-click and choose "Keep in Dock or Remove from Dock"
    2. Hold Control and click. You can change this to the double tap in System Preferences.
    3. To check the temperature, you will need to download a widget called iStat Pro.
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    u have to drag the icon out of the package lol its a lil weird n u dont need aim u can use ichat instead of downloading aim

    i new to mac also so i think i did it right
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    I won't say RTFM, but as a recent switcher myself, I found David Pogue's Switching to the Mac very helpful in learning the nuances of OS X.

    Not to change the subject, but as I'm writing this I just received the 'Your MBP has shipped' email! ...and I only placed the order yesterday.
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    1. Right click and keep in dock or just find the application in the Applications folder and drag the icon to the dock. You can do that with anything and it will be come a shortcut. Hard drives become hierarchy menus, folders open folders, documents and files open the documents and files. Drag web addresses from the browser to make a shortcut link etc. Try dragging random things there and see what happens. If the dock makes a space for it you can put it there. Applications on the left, folders and everything else on the right.

    Delete dock icons by just dragging them off and they disappear in puff of smoke. The real file does not get deleted.

    2. Command key and click. Hold down the mouse button when you click. Enable the two finger right mouse click.

    3. 3rd party software.

    4. Go to the system preferences trackpad control panel. You can add double click, single click, two finger right click etc.

    You don't need really need a book. Unlike windows you can't break anything unless you remove things from the system folders or throw it in the trash can and delete. Go ahead and move things where you like, rename them, change icons.

    Type a query in the help menu and you'll find answers to some things like this.

    You can also find answers here:
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    You could just use adium for all your messaging then youll only have one icon for all your messaging clients. also just click and drag from the applications folder and put it on your dock simple as that. As for clicking with the track pad system prefs mouse keyboard track pad enable clicking with the trackpad. istat menus and istat pro both work great i use both personally. i use the widget to see my battery health that is the only difference.

    hope this helps,
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    Feb 9, 2008
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  8. fredrickyoon macrumors regular


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    Indeed, drag and drop baby. That's why I prefer Mac's to PC's after converting over a few years ago to Apple.
  9. Pickoff macrumors member

    Mar 21, 2008
    I would go to town on Apple's website to figure all of this out, and throughly check through system preferences. I am still finding things in there new and I have been a Mac User for my entire life. If it hasn't already been answered, you can delete stuff from the Dock by dragging it out. If will go "Poof!"

    As soon as you get over the weirdness of a new OS, you will love OS X. It really is the best. And I dont even have Leopard yet xD!

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