Receiving Spoof e-mails and questions about changing Apple Account

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    We receive around 15 daily spoof e-mails that arrive to our address saying they are from our address (but are not actually being sent from our address). If we go to Mail- Messages-All Headers each and every spoof mail we have been getting for the last month has a return-path using a different legitimate appearing e-mail address. Thusly, we cannot write a simple rule to block the sending address. It appears that they are all coming from the same pos as the titles are similar (i.e. penis meds/erectile drugs).

    Along with a general pleas for advice on how we can stop receiving these spoofs, we ask if our understanding of the following is correct;

    1. You cannot change your e-mail address in your existing Apple account.
    2. You cannot delete your existing Apple account.
    3. You must establish a brand new Apple account, then set up a new e-mail address there.

    Which would mean we end up with two accounts and two different e-mail address. One of which we will use and one we won't.
    Will everything in our old account like Notes, Calendar, etc. be lost or will it migrate to the new account?

    Searching forums tells us it will 'go away in two weeks' but it has been over a month.

    Thanks for you thoughts on our matter.
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    Keep your address, because there's always a chance this will happen to your next account. You can migrate most stuff to the new account, but you can't migrate purchases, so you still need to maintain the old address anyway.

    You could filter if it says it's From you, check the return path and see if it's not from you.

    Also, mark them as spam, after a while the junk mail filter will pick them up properly.

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