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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by JFazYankees, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Hey everyone! As I've stated previously in these forums, I sent my watch in to WatchPlate to be gold plated around a month ago. It took three weeks to get it back because I'm quite a ways from California, but when I got it back there were huge issues. There were marks in the gold, the plating looked really thin, and they damaged the oleophobic coating on my screen. Here's what the watch looked like:

    image1.JPG image2.JPG image1-2.JPG

    I spoke to Ryan (the owner) over a live chat, and he said they would fix the watch. So I sent it back, and they got it on a Monday. I didn't hear from them for a while, so I sent a status check email on Thursday. No response. I sent another Friday, another Saturday; still nothing. They finally responded (with a phone call) on Monday to explain the situation.

    In the end, they bought an entirely new watch and replated it properly. They even shipped it over night with Saturday delivery so I could have it back as soon as possible. The gold looks well-applied and heavy duty, and there are no issues at all with the display. So all in all, they screwed up my first watch big time and had many issues with communication, but everything worked out in the end. I wish quality control would have flagged the initial watch before sending it back to me with major problems, but I respect the actions they took to make everything right.
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    Good luck getting the gold to stick over time though. That they have to apply a transparent film on the underside of the watch to keep it from rubbing off is indicative of improper plating.
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    Well its nice to see they stepped up to the plate (so to speak). I also wonder about the longevity and/or durability of the plating process.
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    Yeah, I'm curious to see how long it will last too. I'll post an update when/if it starts to show wear!

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