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May 23, 2013
Hello folks, I just have one question thats been troubling me for quite sometime now. I just recently purchased a Retina MacBook about a little over 2 months ago. And I only had to replace it just once. The first unit had a defective left fan and graphics issues right out of the box. Considering I paid over 3 grand on the machine, I should've been infuriated. However, my composure were kept at balance. So I made an appointment to the nearest apple store to remedy my situation. There I explained to them what was defective about the unit. The fan was easily diagnosed; however, I couldn't replicated the graphics issue to show them. There were glitches that popped up randomly, it takes more than 20secs to shutdown, at the beginning of the startup the unit flashes a black screen before entering the login UI, and whenever I opened to lid to wake it up from sleep mode, the whole screen flashes a static picture for about 2secs. This static picture looks like a tv without any signal. Knowing that I can't show them, I just though it was a "just breaking in the machine glitches" if you will. So I didn't make a big fuss about it and just ask them politely to replace the fan rather than the entire unit. Sadly, 3 days after they replace (which took a 4 day process for the fan to be replaced) The glitches started happening again. This time I was a bit more upset because I had to take time out of my busy schedule to drive 30 miles to the apple store. I explained to them what happened last time and during this particular visit, the glitches finally flashes for one of the staff to witnessed. The good part was that they agreed to replace the unit with a new one. The bad thing is that this brand new unit they gave me had the same issues, minus the fan problem. Now, I'm hearing the :apple: will update the Retina MacBook with the new Haswell chips. My question is if they did update to Haswell and I take my rMBP to get it replace again, do you guys thing they will replace it with the unit that have Haswell chip? Or will they replace it with the current Ivy Bridge chip? Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Thanks guys..


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Feb 6, 2009
They would most likely replace it with an Ivy Bridge. They will probably still have replacement stock for those models for quite a while.


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Aug 7, 2007
Whatever happens they will replace like for like you WON'T get a newer or upgraded model.

The problems you are experiencing are software related and will be fixe din due course with OSX updates.


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May 3, 2009
My question is if they did update to Haswell and I take my rMBP to get it replace again

Two things,
First to make it easier to read for the membership, try using the paragraphs to break up the wall of text. Not trying to sound harsh but rather point out that it will be easier for members to read through.

Secondly, apple almost never replaces an existing laptop that is defective with a new release. I don't want to say never because I'm sure there may instances that it has occurred but their general MO is to send you a replacement of the existing model.
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