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    Platforms: iOS(iOS 7+, iPhone 4 and up)
    App store link: Recipe Genie App Store

    After a year, it’s finally done!!! I have been working on an app that I think is a really great idea. The app is called Recipe Genie. The basic idea is simple, take ingredients you have in your house and output recipes for the user to make. The thinking behind it is, I hate cooking and I hate trying to figure out what to cook even more. So I made this app to figure out what I can cook for me.

    Setup is pretty simple, add ingredients from a huge database. Then presto, all the recipes you can make will output to the app. We now have over 1,000 recipes to pull from.

    And just like that, I never have to think about what to cook again. Recipe Genie has a good amount of features with more features mapped out for the future. Version 1.0 will come with the follow features.


    *Personal pantry of ingredients
    *Custom recipes made with your own ingredients
    *Ability to sync your pantry from the web to your phone
    *Create and upload your own personal recipes
    *Upload any custom ingredient
    *Keep track of all the recipes you like
    *Grocery list of all ingredients you need to create a recipe
    *Peace of mind never having to worry about cooking again


    Recipe Genie will be 100% free of charge. You can sign up or login under guest. If you login under guest you have access to most of the app, the only thing you cannot do is create recipes or ingredients. Also, by signing up you can access your pantry list from all your devices(computer, phone, tablet).

    We hope that you enjoy using Recipe Genie as much as we have while testing it. It has made cooking so simple and easy that I can just go to the store and buy random things and Recipe Genie will figure out what to make with it.


    Give it a try and let us know what you think!

    App store link: Recipe Genie App Store
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    Apr 6, 2015
    Recipe Genie is now updated on all App Stores.

    -New app store screen shots.

    -made bottom buttons 10% bigger
    -adjusted side ingredient nav buttons to fit inside of the taller screen
    -changed settings to menu, with a new logo
    -adjusted the recipe page to not drop down farther than the boarders on taller screens
    -adjusted top buttons in the recipe page to fit taller screens
    -adjusted bottom buttons to fit with taller screens
    -changed tutorial text a bit
    -logo now scales with taller screens

    -a skip button to the tutorial
    -a pop up now appears when you add an ingredient
    -a pop up now appears when you add a recipe

    I am also working on ports to Android, Windows and the Web as well.
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    This is great. I was hoping for something like this. Thanks! Downloading now.

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