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Del Martes

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Nov 10, 2020
See title.

I'm looking at this RavPower bank at Amazon:

It has a USB C port and a USB A port. The spec says when a lone USB C device is connected to it, it charges at 60W. When both a USB C device and a USB A device are attached, the USB C port charges at 45W, while the USB A port charges at 15 W.

My question is: would this power bank be safe to charge my 2020 12.9" iPad Pro, especially it is the ONLY device that is attached to the power bank?

The 4th gen iPad Pro 12.9" comes with a 20 W charger, but Apple also says it could be paired with a 30 W charger. So I wonder if a power bank with 60W or a 45W output would be safe for this iPad Pro?

On the other hand, I guess this should be OK to charge my base M1 MBA? It came with a 30 W charger.

I'm a noob in this area. :)

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