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Original poster
Aug 17, 2008
Getting mt iPad3 when released next weekend. Hoped to have cover sorted beforehand. I'm nearly blind trawling through all the posts on various covers. I'm determined to get a white one and am looking for recommendations from those of you who might have one. Also must work properly with the sleep wake feature


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May 13, 2010
When you say white one, you mean Cream color made by apple?

There are so many fake ones these days, so just making sure.

I personally opted out for Black one because I have a black iPad. If you guy white iPad, then it's a different story. Whatever you choose is up to you.

However, I would only get apple smart cover at the moment, I have seen so many 3rd party cases that do not work with iPAd 3. They are having the biggest problem with sleep/wake function. Apple changed something in iPad 3.
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