Recommend me a 15inch Case.


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Apr 15, 2012
So my dads year old speck case cracked at the back corners and has become loose.

What would be a good solid case? Clear or frosted preferably.



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Nov 26, 2011
If it has been less than a year since you bought the Speck case and you got it from an authorized reseller such as Amazon or the Apple store, send them an email and explain tell them what happened and say that you have proof of purchase and you bought it less than a year ago and they'll send you a shipping label and you can get it replaced for free. If it's over a year old, explain that you have multiple Apple products if you do and would love to get more Speck products int he future, and be nice and see if they will replace it anyway, because I'm willing to bet that they will. Very excellent customer service in my experience, I just sent mine in to get replaced and should be getting it back sometime this week. Hope this helped!
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