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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by njaremka, Feb 18, 2011.

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    let me preface this request with stating that i have come to the iPhone from a BlakBerry Storm2 9550.

    on my blackberry, i used BerryWeather for my weather app. i liked the abundance of information that it provided in a simple interface. here are some screen-shots from the developer's website:

    what i'm looking for is a simple weather app that provides a similar interface (if anyone is familiar with BerryWeather, that would be great).

    the stock weather app has a nice interface, but it doesnt provide a LOT of information. its missing an hourly outlook, and doesnt provide any weather alerts. i've also tried the weather channel app, and "The Weather" app by Clink Apps. "The Weather" app has the visual feel to it that berryweather had, but the interface feels too busy.

    so, any thoughts?
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    Search this forum.....asked and answered several times. I use one of the weather apps by WSI (search for it in the app store) can customize it to your location.
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    I am a storm chaser in the spring and rely on several apps out on the field. I use MyCast for general weather. It provides current conditions, 7 days and hourly forecasts, radar with multiple layers including weather statements issued by the national weather service and details each one, and if you upgrade, it will send you push alerts any time there is a new weather statement such as watches and warnings. However, you may not enjoy this feature since many watches and warnings are issued and expire in sometimes an hour from the next reissued watch/warning. And it will let you know each time those watches/warnings are renewed.

    Just looking through the offered radar products, you get the following:
    *Weather Map
    -Wind Speeds
    *Visible Clouds
    *IR Clouds
    *Lightning (must upgrade to get this since lightning data is very expensive)

    In addition, I also use these other weather apps:
    -RadarScope: as pro as radar on the iPhone gets...
    -WeatherGeek: to help forecast upcoming weather events...also as pro as it gets (if you don't know what GFS, NAM, and RUC is, this is not for you)
    -The Weather Channel: rarely use this
    -WVEC Radar: simple weather app that has a different take on radar (tracks storms with their direction of travel, wind speed, and associated events occurring within the storm) it's free
    -Aside from that, I have a ton of safari homepage bookmarks for NOAA, HPC, SPC, and TwisterData

    RadarScope, MyCast, and WeatherGeek and are the most used apps on my iPhone in that order.

    In addition I have a radio scanner for weather reports and I have found dead spots where my scanner does not pick up NOAA weather reports, but have been able to obtain a data signal. In this case, I use WunderRadio and plug it into my car for the same weather least until I get a bigger antenna for my scanner.

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