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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by kellen, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Have a MP 2008 with an apple edition 4870 that looks like it bit the dust. Grey blocks on start up, no clear pic. Need a new card. 4870 met my needs as I mainly console game.

    I was looking to stay around $150 as the machine isn't worth much anyways and I don't really game on the Mac Pro except casually. Any recommendations? It is hooked up to a 30" Apple Cinema Display. I did read through a lot of the graphics card threads and searched, but seem all geared towards high end and flashing, which I don't have Windows to perform. Prefer plug and play.

    I was thinking of the apple 5770 as they are $125ish on eBay. I know its old, but if the 4870 worked.....unless someone has a recommendation.

    Appreciate your time and recommendations.
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    thats all folks

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    5770 will perform similar to the 4870. it does have double the video RAM and draws much less power. if you aren't looking to meet any specific goals with this card, best to keep it cheap as the 2008 Mac Pros aren't really worth investing in.

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