Recommendations for a program to create print advertisement?

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    I would greatly appreciate anyone who can recommend me a program with templates or guides as to create print advertisement.

    I know how to use inDesign/photoshop/word but are there specific programs that are dedicated to creating print advertisement?

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    Those applications you listed will create print-ready artwork.

    You need to set your document up with the correct dimensions and DPI as required by the media you're going to print on.

    For example, if you're creating an advert for a magazine they will tell you the required dimensions and DPI, and request the completed artwork in PDF format.

    Generally, you can find physical paper size dimensions in from Wikipedia, and set a DPI of 300. When you're done, print the final artwork to PDF (all modern graphic packages support this as default).

    Sorry, I totally misunderstood. You already know how to do all that! But no, there aren't really any apps that will do this for you with pre-created templates.

    Apple Pages has some nice templates, but that's about as far as you'll get. But when it comes to print adverts, the last thing you want is some generic looking thing people have seen before.

    You could hire a design agency to do the heavy lifting for you. Check out PaperSky!

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