Recommendations for retiring an aging iMac G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wrldwzrd89, Feb 11, 2010.

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    I have decided to retire my iMac G5 from active use by me. My workplace has a significant Mac presence in the graphics department, and they have indicated that they would have a use for the iMac. With that in mind... what would be the best way to set up the iMac for their use? I suppose I should be a bit more specific, so here are my questions:
    • Obviously, I need to format the drive. Should I use the 7-pass secure erase, or the 35-pass one?
    • Should I install an OS on the internal drive?
    • Assuming I install an OS, which version? Tiger (what the Mac came with) or Leopard?
    • Should I create an account on the OS, or leave it at the setup screen?
    • Assuming I create an account, should I update the OS to the newest revision level, and apply other updates?
    • If I install Tiger, should I install Classic too?
    • If I install Leopard, should I set up Time Machine?
    • Finally, are there any software programs that a corporate graphics department might find useful, that I should install?
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    Why don't you just erase everything, leave it at the setup screen, and let them set it up themselves? Only thing I would do is install the latest OS revision.

    You seem to want to be very thorough about this. As if it were a wedding present or something. :p
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