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Oct 9, 2020
Hey Everyone,

Ive been shopping around for a 'magsafe' adapter for USB-C and lightning for my MacBook Pro 16 and iPhone 11, but there are so many different options online.

Just wondering if anyone here has found a decent/reliable aftermarket magsafe cables + adapter for both USB-C and lightning?

Some examples I'm looking at...
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Feb 8, 2002
Same here, so… *bump*

I'm really wondering if all these choices are created equal; especially when you want to take full advantage of the port's regular functionality (so T3, 100W charging and so for USB-C; quick-charging for lightning).


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Jul 22, 2020
I’ve been using Baseus USB C to USB C magnetic adapter for my iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard case.
It says supports 60W PD. No problem so far for 18W charging brick.

5AE66555-8A54-4047-A673-D89F616DF921.jpeg F66BC5A7-49C6-4988-B89A-9BD99C63E36C.jpeg

Haven’t pull the trigger for the lightning cable.
I was looking to find the same kind of adapter as the USB C to USB C, but looks like Apple doesn’t let third party manufacturing female lightning ports. Couldn’t find anywhere.

So it came down to third party cable with lightning tip like this one:


I read around 90% of good review for it, while others says the cable are easily fell off from the magnet tip.

Any of you guys know the down sides of using this kind of magnetic cable tip for the iPhones?
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