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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by lk998, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I am looking for an APC UPS that will allow my Mac Mini and Thunderbolt display to safely shut down using the Mac built in software. Can someone recommend an APC model that will be appropriate for this purpose. The UPS should be able to support a single Mac Mini and a Thunderbolt display for atleast 5-10 mins, and must also have a connection which will let the computer know when it is using the backup battery (in order for the Mac to shut down). Can someone please guide me on some APC models which would allow this, and will a 1000 VA model be enough or will i need a larger 1500 VA one. Thanks in advance.
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    The Thunderbolt display uses 110W according to Apple, the Mac Mini 85W under full load, so about 200W in total.

    According to the specs, the 600W/1000VA APC UPS runs for about 25-30 minutes at a load of 200W, but as your Mac Mini will unlikely run full load, it should last even longer.

    The 450W/750VA model will last over 15 minutes, so it will exceed your 5-10 minute requirement. And it has the USB connection as well.
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    The well regarded CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series has:

    "USB Connectivity - HID compliant USB port enables full integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X."

    I've been using a CP1500AVRLCD UPS with my dual monitor laser printer equipped mac pro set up since 2007 without issue, although perhaps a pure sine wave model instead of simulated may be better for computers today. It runs 20-30 minutes.

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