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    Does anybody have an app that they recommend that can give me information on my wireless connection between my iPhones and iPads and router? I had an AE that recently died and it didn't give too much information. I switched that out to a D-link DIR-880L and that doesn't give any information such as which band the device is connected to and how many mbps it's transmitting.
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    You can't get that information from any current iOS device or app. In the distant past, it used to be possible but the functionality was removed from iOS and apps that could do so were removed from the App Store.

    Your best bet is to use a laptop to check the signal at the same location. On a Mac, you can simply hold down the Option key when clicking on the WiFi icon in the system menu bar. That will tell you the Channel, Frequency, RSSI, and Noise. If you need more, click the Open Wireless Diagnostics link in that menu and you'll get a report about your WiFi.
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    May 21, 2015
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    I usually use Wifi Explorer from the Mac App Store to check wifi signal levels / channel interference. Very nice visualization of the wifi spectrum IMO.
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    No need to worry about the app store. With a bit of work you can get what you want without jailbreaking...

    Install Xcode 7, get this app's source (or a similar one) off of GitHub:

    Compile it and install it on your device - Xcode 7 allows anyone to build and install apps on their phone without a $99 dev account..

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