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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jd0513, Nov 7, 2018.

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    I bought an HP spectre laptop in May of 2017 and it took a tumble a few months ago. While it still works, the chassis is slightly bent and one of the keys is slightly cracked. I’ve convinced myself that I want to get back into MacOS. I kind of regret even buying the HP laptop, but I thought the prices of the MBP were unjustified at the time (they still are).

    I currently have a 27” Acer H277HU 1440p monitor that I connect the HP to and mainly use it in clamshell mode. I am an attorney so most of my work consists of web browsing, word docs, and PDFs. My wife uses Citrix to log in to her work computer, and apparently that needs windows, so I will likely install it using boot camp. While the laptop is 95% of the time being used like the Mac mini in clamshell mode, I do take my laptop with me to hearings/meetings and will continue using the laptop for that.

    With all of the above being said, what config of the Mac mini would you recommend? I was thinking the i5 processor, with 16gb ram and 512 gb HD. Would a setup like that last me more than 5 - 6 years for my purposes? Is there a better monitor that the one I have that won’t break the bank? The usb-c port on the Acer blew for the second time and it is out of warranty now. Would it be a better solution to just bite the bullet and get a similarly specd MPB so I don’t have to rely on the HP anymore?
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    I'm thinking the same config. The i5 is still 6 cores and not significantly slower than the i7 . For me 16GB will be more than enough ram, and if I ever need more I can always add a single 16GB module. 24GB is overkill but the option is there. I have a really good monitor that I was using with my MBP along with a trackpad and mouse.
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    It doesn't sound like you need much from a laptop. If you don't need to type, you might even get away with a tablet. I would avoid the MBP, run the spectre into the ground, then switch to a light weight laptop.

    For the workstation, i5/16/512 is more than enough, 256 might work if you don't need the (internal) space. Ideally, you have some kind of self recovering file service (nas etc). I would start with the display you already have, then add more as you go. If you work with documents most of the time, several vertical 4k sound ideal.

    btw, it looks like Citrix is available for Mac
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    I think that a lawyer who is going to meetings and hearings first and foremost needs either a laptop or a tablet that he's happy with. If the choice is a laptop, it seems to me that a separate desktop is strictly optional.

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