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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by sjjordan, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Just got back into folding last week with a quad-core Mac Pro and 2 c2d iMacs folding 24/7. Together they're putting out about 6-7K points/day, which I was a little disappoined at. I did sign up for the personal key, but would appreciate any tips that'll up my point/day.

    Do you get more points for Big WU? Does SMP default to BigWU or do I have to add specific settings? What settings do you use/would you recommend?


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    thanks for starting folding again!

    now, to answer your question: first, we need to know exactly what you are doing currently. what client did you download? how are you running it?

    most people run the console client for advanced settings.

    bigadv units is where the big points are. but i don't think your machines will be able to meet those deadlines. so instead, you can run the smp client with -advmethods flag, and you'll still get a small bonus.

    but before any bonus, you need a passkey, complete 10 units with the passkey, and continue to complete 80% of your units.

    hope that helps

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