Recommended internal hard drive for mini server?


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Mar 15, 2005
Last week I successfully swapped the lower hard drive in my 2011 mini server for a MX100 SSD. A great result.

I would like to refresh the several year old hard drive in the upper slot now. I use this drive for my iTunes library and some other media. Stock drive is 500 GB 7200 RPM. Is 7200 needed/helpful for this use?

If so, I was considering this WD Black 7200 RPM 750 GB:

I would like a drive that doesn't necessarily make too much noise. I don't mind some whirl, but I don't really want a tick.

If that one is not appropriate, what would you recommend?

Thank you.


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Oct 28, 2009
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Mar 15, 2005
Many thanks to both Che Castro and Osamede. This was great information.

I had actually seen the bare drives, but the idea to get the USB case drive and save $20 or something I never thought to look at! That was a very cool idea.

Now I'm just trying to decide if I truly want to stay with the mini server 2011 or upgrade to a server 2012 or MBP 2014 to use like a mini. I don't want to spend more money on this box quite yet when I might want something different.

Still, I may go ahead and swap this drive next week, so this thread was extremely valuable to me. Thanks again.


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Nov 14, 2009
for storage go for this 2tb

you open the case , this drive is the only 2tb that fits in the ps4. really small so it will fit ok in the mac mini

for storing media i would go for storage over speed
only $20 more for 2tb
Have you opened one of those? I've found that newer portables often have no SATA ports on the drive, the USB circuitry connects directly to the drive's logic board. If this one does have SATA ports on the drive, that's a terrific price for a 2TB notebook drive.