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Sep 21, 2012
In the middle of several books.
As we make our way through 2015, I thought it might be a good idea (for beginners and veterans alike) to post software that you found to be stable, consistent, enjoyable, and most of all a benefit in your professional or personal use.

When posting software recommendations, please post the category first, followed by the software title, version, current OS, and why you like the software etc.

Hopefully, it will make it a little easier for those reading to peruse, especially if they have never heard of some of the titles before.

These are just a few of the programs I use on a regular basis and feel comfortable recommending to others.

OS: Yosemite 10.10.1


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate ver. 4.4.2 (Paid)

I have found the program to be easy to set up and use. Video conversion and burning has been quick and seamless. I haven’t had any crashes.

NoteBurner M4v Converter Plus ver. 4.0.3 (Paid)

I use this program to remove DRM from purchased iTunes movies, so that i can play them on any device, as well as backup purposes. Program has a very nice GUI and is very easy to use. I haven’t encountered any problems and the finished product looks just like the original.

NoteBurner Audiobook Converter ver. 2.0.3 (Paid)

I use this program to remove DRM from purchased iTunes audiobooks. Interface is easy to use and straightforward. It can take a while to convert a iTunes audiobook, depending on size. Quality of the audio is excellent with no distortion or low volume.

Waltr ver. 1.0.7 (Paid)

This program allows you to load and play any non-native video on your iOS device in a quick manner with no loss of quality. The speed at which this program works is amazing. I haven’t noticed in problems with playback or sound.

MetaMovie ver. 2.1.0 (Paid) MAS
Very good program for adding metadata to movies. In my opinion, it does a much better job (all around) than Subler. Highly recommended

iFlicks 2 ver, 2.0.2 (Paid) MAS

Similar to MetaMovie. i use this program to add metadata to downloaded t.v. shows. Very quick and has the option to add to iTunes after conversion. Like MetaMovie, it does all the work for you.

TuneSpan ver. 1.2.2 (Paid)

Very good program for spanning your iTunes library across different devices. Comes in handy for those who don’t want to fill up their HDD or SSD Mac drive with a large, single iTunes library.

ScreenFlow ver. 5.0 (Paid)

Excellent program that allows you to make professional looking screen cast presentations and will even upload to YouTube and other places online for you. I haven’t used it a lot. However, what I have done has been fairly easy.


Little Snitch ver. 3.5.1 (Paid)

Excellent program to monitor incoming and outgoing connections with the internet and your programs. I have found the program fairly easy to use. If you make a mistake with a rule, it is very easy to correct. The program is always being updated and comes with an uninstaller. Highly recommend.

1Password ver. 5 (Paid)
Excellent multiplatform password manager. Good looking GUI and is easy to use. Developer and staff is very attentive to customer any problems or suggestions. Highly recommend.

Ghostery ver. 5.4.1 (Free) Safari extension

Excellent extension for blocking unseen trackers and advertisers on websites.

JavaScript Blocker ver. 4.1.19 (Free) Safari extension

Excellent extension for blocking javascripts on websites. Many of these come in the form of annoying pop ups and rogue malware. Easy to use and edit as needed.

AdBlock Plus ver. 1.8.9 (Free) Safari extension

A very good adblocker that has been around for a long time.

WOT (Web of Trust) ver. 2.0.17 (Free) Safari extension

Gives you a good idea of what is or isn't a safe website to peruse, by denoting with green, yellow, or red indicators on your website search


EntreCheck 2.1.6 (Free)

Excellent program that provides a good snapshot of the overall health of your Mac, as it relates to general hardware, OS, and programs. Any problems are noted in red.

AdwareMedic ver. 2.2 (Free)

Excellent program that is capable of recognizing and removing malware. The scan process is very fast and many members here have found it beneficial. Developer’s website is very informative as well.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test ver. 2.2.2 (Free) MAS

This program was recently updated. It is very easy to use and will give you a good idea of the current speed of your HDD or SSD.

Trim Enabler ver. 3.3 Pro (Paid)

Very good program that enables TRIM on your Non Apple SSD. Developer is very responsive and also provides a free version. Many members here can attest to the quality of this app. Highly recommend.

TextWrangler ver. 4.5.12 (Free) MAS

Good program for editing system files or general files of different formats. I find this to be much better than TextEdit.

The Unarchiver ver. 3.9.1 (Free) MAS

Good program for opening compressed files. Can handle zip, rar, and many other file types.
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Anna Leif

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Jan 3, 2015
These are interesting recommendations, BasicGreatGuy.

From your previous recommendation I have found 1password to be an excellent application.

Adblock Plus – I have tried this extension but found that it caused issues with Safari (the latest version on Yosemite) slowdowns and crashes were quite frequent whilst it was installed and stopped when I uninstalled it. The extension called simply, Adblock, works much better for me.

I would like to add to your list:

OS: Yosemite 10.10.1


Write V.1.1.4 (paid) – A simple to use notes application that integrates with iCloud and Dropbox. Markdown is supported and the app complements Ulysses 3 very nicely, both visually and with usability. I mention this application because when I first bought it I dismissed it as being released too early. However, recent updates have really made it shine :)

Kind Regards


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Sep 10, 2009

Dragthing v 5.9.12. - hide your dock and use something far better. Shareware, so can try before paying up $29, excellent. Others go mad for Alfred but Dragthing is an excellent launcher and more.

Totalfinder v 1.6.17 $18, make Finder much, much better. Enable folders on top, visor means bringing up a finder window is a double tap of the option key ( or whatever you want), dual pane mode with keyboard shortcut to enable/disable it, has supported keyboard cut and paste of files/folders for years already..

BetterTouchTool free, fabulous. Is your macbook trackpad a wonderful input device with some gestures? Yes, but it can be so much better. This app allows many more gestures which can be specified system wide ( i've made a tip tap left as a universal command W keyboard shortcut), or app specific - especially useful for web browsing - setup gestures to move to the tab to your left or right of current tab, gesture to go back or forward in a page, to open a link in a new tab in three finger tap for instance, open a new tab, close a tab etc etc

XLD - free. Ripping Music, or transcoding, this is fabulous. Covers every format you might need - FLAC, ALAC, Lame mp3 and on and on. Looks up metadata, encodes one track with each core of your processor - quick. Interface is a little unusual - use preferences to set up what encoding you want and the. Open the folder etc to DO it.... Batch processing too. ripped all my CD's to FLAC then encoded the whole lot in one go to max quality VBR mp3 while keeping the directory structure.

VLC - free, plays any video format i've ever thrown at it.
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Jan 14, 2014
Near Brisbane, Australia

Totalfinder v 1.6.17 $18, make Finder much, much better. Enable folders on top, visor means bringing up a finder window is a double tap of the option key ( or whatever you want), dual pane mode with keyboard shortcut to enable/disable it, has supported keyboard cut and paste of files/folders for years already..

I also like XtraFinder.
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