Recommended UPS for Mac Mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by dmk1974, Aug 5, 2013.

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    I bought my first APC UPS ES-500 around 5 years ago and it is still humming nicely although I had to change the battery around 2 years ago.
    I bought another APC UPS ES-450 a couple of years ago for my other computer in another room of the house and it works great.

    They are not very expensive.

    I did not have the same luck with a Forza UPS which pooped-out after a year or so.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    I like the APC's. Easy to get replacement parts - when they wear out/break.
  5. thekingofnerds, Aug 5, 2013
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    I use a cyberpower 1350AVR UPS for my mac mini, two monitors, and misc gadgets. Got it at bestbuy for maybe $120? The conditioning on it works really well for the crap power grid here in Atlanta - where the power loves to brown-out at least once a day.

    I lost about $1,500 worth of supplies back in December during some crazy power outage (power kept going on/off over and over). Had everything on some no-name UPS and it did nothing to protect my equipment. This cyberpower one has been rock solid so far, through several outages and brown outs.

    It also has ethernet protection ports, if your super-paranoid.
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    I don't know where you are, but I have been happy with the Ablerex 625 I have in Thailand. It has AVR (auto voltage regulation), which is essential here in Phuket, where the voltage can be all over the place. It is also properly earthed. It cost me 2,100 baht (about $US 80) back in January 2009. I have replaced the battery once, about 18 months ago.

    The equivalent APC model was just a little more expensive, but I couldn't find a place with one in stock at the time.

    The UPS (I forget which brand) I had before did not have AVR, which I reckon was the reason for the demise of the power supply of my first Mac Mini. Within a couple of years it was starting to struggle to kick the Mini into life after it had been shut down.

    I didn't have that one earthed initially, and experienced all sorts of problems with surges. Once I installed an earth it seemed much more stable. Still it was a massive surge that knocked out the mains electric supply for half of Southern Thailand that eventually killed it.
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    Thanks everyone. Well, Amazon appears to have dropped the price by $11 today compared to yesterday (now $48.99) so I went ahead and placed the order. I actually also wanted to get a couple UPS bricks for my kids' computers as well so I ordered 3 of them. Thanks!

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