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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by blindbroccoli, Jun 29, 2015.

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    Jun 29, 2015
    Hi. I'm 68 years old and considering buying a rMBP laptop. I haven't used Mac since my fondly remembered PowerPC desktop in the 1990s. So I know there have been a few changes <wink>. Not all for the better?

    So I have some questions maybe you can answer.

    First of all, I'm reading that the transition from Mavericks to Yosemite brought about some unwanted consequences and not everyone is thrilled with the new iteration of OSX. Any thoughts on this? If it is true, would I be better off getting a refurbished Mac running Mavericks?

    Second, what do people feel about the force touch "improvement" on the track pad? Is it really useful and if so how? Is it hard to learn or difficult to avoid mistakes with the added capabilities?

    Right now I connect my computer with a wired connection from my ISP. I am thinking about getting my very first router. Is the Mac ecosystem basically unusable without wireless connectivity?

    Third, and this is more intangible...I feel that the past few years of improvements in computers on all platforms has led to an unmanageable complexity such that things may "not work right" with no traceable cause, just because of all the code (yes I am an old fart). Actually the new machines work remarkably well, for the most part, much better than my older machines, now dead and buried. What I am asking you here is, your subjective impressions of the evolution of the Mac platform and of Apple in general away from powerful tools toward consumer gadgetry?

    TIA for your replies. Mods, if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it.
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    1. Yosemite is a fine operating system and I think the new UI was tough for some to swallow at first. There was a similar outcry when Leopard was released back in 2007. There were some early reliability issues that have long since been solved with Yosemite which is expected for a brand new operating system.

    2. Force Touch works great and you won't have a problem with it.

    3. Macs are working just as well as they ever did if not better! The latest operating systems and Macs are nothing short of fantastic!
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    I can't offer you advice on the force-touch trackpad (as I've never tried it), but I can offer you advice on the other two things. I used Windows all my life and have recently transitioned to OS X Yosemite. I've yet to experience any issues with it (I'm using an entry-level 2014 Mac Mini). Although I haven't run into any problems, I know some people complain about bugs here and there, so it might be wise to wait for OS X El Capitan (and new Macs in the Fall), since that release will offer improvements in both performance and stability.

    As for using Macs with a wired connection, I don't think there would be an issue. If, however, you will use it only on a wired connection, perhaps a desktop will better suit your needs? They can offer better performance per dollar, but it's only a suggestion. Anyway, I hope this helps a bit!
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    Excellent point made above - if you are used to going to the same desk/place and working on your computer there, get an iMac. More computer for the money. If you want the portability of a laptop - not tethered to a wire - then a laptop is your best bet. I think it is fair to say that the today's computing experience is seriously constrained with a network connection. That is true for Mac, PC, Linux, and so on. Essentially the only difference between wired and wireless network connection is the physicality of the cable.
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