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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by allisonv7, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. allisonv7 macrumors 6502

    Jul 20, 2004
    Like the title says I'm looking for a program that'll record a live video stream. I've seen a couple things, like the VideoDownloader extension for firefox, but will that work for something that's live?


  2. XheartcoreboyX macrumors 6502a


    Jul 3, 2007
    quicktime PRO works like charm for me..perfect quality .
  3. allisonv7 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 20, 2004
    That may be a good option, I've been looking for a reason to buy it anyways ;) Anyone else have an cheaper (or free) alternative? I may just go with quicktime though b/c I'm sure I'd use it for other things too.

    And it definitely records live video? I know next to nothing about video, so sorry if they question's silly!


  4. quazler macrumors newbie

    Apr 21, 2008
    Interesting question. I wanted to do the same thing and looked around the internet A LOT. The circumstances will dictate what approach is best for you, but in my case, I needed to record a restricted live stream (in .wmx format, I believe) during the middle of the night (so I needed timer recording capabilities, too). I actually booted up my old windows (yuk!) computer, because there seemed to be more applicable programs for windows. I probably should have known that wasn't the right approach. Anyway, I tried Replay A/V and WM Recorder, which worked for certain live streams, but not for the restricted one I wanted to record. So I went "back to my Mac" and found this program:
    Snapz Pro X is a cool program that allows you to record anything taking place on your screen and save it to your hard drive. It was easy to install and worked great. The one thing is, however, it gobbles up a lot of memory when it records a video, so I had to tinker with the screen size and frame rate to reduce the image quality and thereby reduced the memory usage. I got it to record a 20 min show using about 70 MB.
    Ok, that was Step 1. Step 2 was getting Snapz Pro X to do a timed recording. Good thing Macs come with Leopard and Automator. The new Automator actually allowed me to do just that. It will actually record button pushes and mouse clicks you perform (a function called "Watch Me Do"). So I did the following:
    1) Set the "Action Key" in SnapZ to a key rarely used.
    2) Create a workflow (the "start record" workflow) in Automator that (i) opens SnapZ via the Action Key, (ii) clicks on "Record Movie" in SnapZ, (iii) hits Enter to start recording. I saved that as a Plug-In for iCalAlarm.
    3) Create another workflow (the "stop record" workflow) in Automator that hits the Action Key to stop the recording and saved that workflow as a Plug-In for iCalAlarm.
    That's it! Works like a charm! Now I can open the live stream before I go to bed, set my iCal alarms to the appropriate start and stop times and Automator does the rest (just make sure the SnapZ recording window opens directly over the part of the screen showing the video and also make sure your screen saver doesn't come on during the recording session). I even added an action to my Workflows to turn the audio on only during the recording session.
    Again, there may be simpler methods depending on your circumstances. However, if access to the stream is restricted and you want to time your recording, this may be the best solution currently available on a Mac.

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