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    Ok I've searched but can't find the answer to this...

    I've ordered the camera connection kit and I want to record some LP's onto the iPad so I can play them in the car. These are old bits of vynl not available on cd. Anybody know what I also need to connect to the hi if? Is it just an RCA to USB?

    As always,thanks.

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    Camera connection kit just gives you a USB port on the iPad. You can hook up a USB mic and vastly improve the quality of recording.

    Ripping vinyl is a little more involved. You'll need either an external USB sound card with RCA audio inputs or a USB turntable. Probably you have a better turntable than is available with USB, but it is arguably easier to use something custom made for the purpose you are pursuing.

    You could check out the computer audio forum on if you're into going down rabbit holes.

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