Recording Drumset into my Macbook Pro with Garage Band...How!!?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by mgacam2, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Hey guys, so I have an acoustic drum set and I want to start recording. I know that I'm going to need something that has some sort of interface. What I was planning was to buy a drum mic set of around 7-8 mics and then I want to record all of them in Garageband. What type of interface would I need to get. I'm assuming a firewire interface. Does Garageband support this? Basically any suggestions of what to get in order to get this to work? I really have no idea if I should get a mixer or a preamp or what. Sorry if this has been asked before. By the way I also don't have the LARGEST budget so keep it around 500 ish or so for whatever interface I may need to buy. Thanks!
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    You're going to need an interface with 7 or 8 mic preamps - which most of the smaller ones don't have (there are lots of good inexpensive interfaces around with 2 mic preamps and 6 to 8 line level inputs).

    Personally I'd take a serious look at something like the Zoom R24. You can record 8 microphone inputs at once onto SD card, and can then import those tracks into garage band.
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    You will not need anything near 7-8 mics for recording drums. You can get some nice recordings with 4 decent mics (bass, snare, OHL, OHR).
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