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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by, Dec 10, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    I recently got a macbook and am now ready to experiment with my isight. Here's what I have in mind...

    I have some friends in Kenya and I would love to send them a short (say 3 min) video wishing them a merry christmas, yada yada. The problem is that they usually access the net at any one of nairobi's jampacked internet cafes where they're lucky to get consistent dial-up level speeds.

    ao my question to community is this: how should i go about recording a short video with my isight and then posting it online in the most slow-connection-friendly manner?

    about the recording, what settings/compression/size should I use? about posting it, what do you recommend: posting an embedded video on my own webspace, or uploading to something like youtube that can stream files at slower speeds?

    i'm a total newbie with this stuff (my old g3 ibook couldn't even PLAY video properly, nevermind record), so any suggestions will be a huge help.


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    come on now people. i know someone out there has tried setting up a low-quality stream up for slow internet connections :)
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    Use iMovie move the slider to the left and choose iSight
    Click record

    than to edit your video and export for the web

    Make sure its in the Timeline
    Click Share than to Quicktime
    Than in the drop down menu choose Web or email or choose iPod from the top for an mp4 video that is not bad quality. Most of these options will let you know the estimated size
    good luck!

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