Recording with a Zoom h4N pRo + iPhone7

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by koulmj, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Please feel free to move this to the iPhone threads if needed;

    my girl has an H4nPro by Zoom and wants me to record her music concerts on my iPhone 6s, i gather than I need an adapter to go from 3.5mm stereo to a dual 3.5mm female so that I'm not plugging in a device that the iPhone thinks is both a headphone and Speaker. But she ordered an iPhone 7 plus with that little headphone adapter. Am I going to loose quality with the DAC built into the adapter? Is anyone running sound tests?

    If I use an Light to USB adapter and record from the device to the phone will I get better quality? Has anyone tried this?

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    I'm confused about what you want to do. The Zoom is a recorder. Why do you need a phone at all?

    If the intention is to transfer the zoom recording to your phone so you can play it anywhere, then move the file from the zoom to your MacBook, then add it to your iTunes library.

    IIRC, the iPhone audio input is mono, for a microphone. The zoom has four channels.

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