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Discussion in 'macOS' started by rich1812, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Hi, I have an old CD that I burned years ago, the disc contains some files I didn't't need until now.
    Today when I try to recover the data, I just realized that the CD was burned with Apple Partition Map, not OS extended (journaled) Now I inserted it on Sierra, the Mac won't mount it, however in Disk Utility, It does show OPTIARC DVD and the volume name is listed in it. How can I retrieve data from this disc? Can anyone help?
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    Just wondering -- in the finder's preferences panel, do you have it set up to show CDs and DVDs on the desktop?

    I'm writing my reply on a Mac running 10.8.5.
    I realize that things may have changed between here and Sierra.

    I burned my first CD back around 1997. Since then, I've left that CD lying on my desk, "in the open". Once in a while, I'll "test it" to see how the data on it is doing.

    I'm using a 2012 Mini and have a USB Samsung Bluray/DVD/CD burner plugged into it.

    A moment ago I picked up that original CD and put it into the drive. It spun up and the CD's icon mounted on the desktop.

    Brought up the "get info" box and it says that it is "Mac OS Standard" (formatting). Seems like that was back before even HFS+ !

    The CD is a copy of the original install CD that came with a SuperMac Mac clone back in '97.

    Text and pdf "read me" and documentation files still open and read fine.

    I just rebooted into Sierra, tried mounting the same old CD, and it mounts fine and I can read the same files as I did earlier.
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes CD did show up in the sidebar but the volume name was grayed out so it won't mount. However, I got all my old files back by doing this: First I used dd in Terminal made an img of the CD, than i downloaded 7Z on my Win machine, from 7Z, extracted all files back, YAY!. :) Love a happy ending! o_O

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