Recover deleted pictures and videos from iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by InfoTime, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I have an iPod Touch in my possession that has had the photos and videos taken with it's internal camera lost. They told me they had hooked the iPod Touch to the computer, something went wrong, when it was done there were no photos or videos on the Camera Roll.

    I'm not talking about photos synced from the PC or Mac. I'm talking about things that were captured with the iPod Touch itself. The client had talked to Apple after the event and didn't get too far. They did take a new photo with the built in camera and that is all that is in the Camera Roll now.

    In the past I've successfully recovered photos from hard drives and SD cards that were accidentally deleted. But for some reason I can't get to the right volume on the iPod Touch to even attempt this. Well, once I saw a F:\DCIM folder when the iPod Touch was hooked to my virtual machine, but the only app I had (******** iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer) that claimed to be able to recover would crash on launch every time.

    The solution may involve using a Windows computer to see the "drive", as the Mac seems to not give me access. Also, maybe I need to find a hack to put the iPod Touch in disk mode?

    Does anyone know a way to recover these images and videos?
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    jailbreak the iPod first. what version are you on?
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    i think it's quite certain that this is impossible?

    i have asked many ipod users (some of them are jailbreakers too) but it seems like it's virtually impossible to recover deleted pics and vids.
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    Before trying to recover deleted files directly from the device (an unlikely prospect)... try to find an existing backup. That might be on the computer, or in iCloud, or even both. And if you can't find a useful backup on the computer they used when they lost their data, see if they've used a different computer in the past.

    Read this:
    and this:

    Please understand the process before you try more exotic solutions. If the info was deleted after connecting to the computer, one of two things may have happened:

    1. They transferred the photos to the computer, and then chose to have the images deleted from the iPod (it's a simple check-box - "delete from device after download." Read this:

    2. They Restored iOS (erased the device and re-installed the OS). Before a Restore, iTunes makes a backup. The Camera Roll will be saved in that backup. That's how it works. After an iOS Restore, you get the option to restore from an existing backup, or to setup as a new device. (Yes, they use the term "restore" for two separate procedures - one restores the OS to the device, the other restores the contents to the device).

    The articles I linked tell you how and where to find backup files on the computer.

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