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Feb 19, 2020

I have an IPhone 11 Pro that I’m trying to retrieve the deleted Safari history from.
I’m aware of three ways of doing so;
1- Restore from a backup in iTunes
2- Restore from iCloud backup
3- Run a recovery software on a computer to recover said files.

Unfortunately, none of these are options for me as I haven’t backed up my phone for a while and I haven’t got a computer right now.

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but if there any other way of recovering deleted history?

The history was deleted by pressing ‘Clear History and Website Data’ if that helps.

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 25, 2012
Nope. Not even sure if a backup restore would help, as Safari among other things (Messages, password keychain, etc.) are controlled via iCloud directly - a change is a change then, and deleted history stays deleted.


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Sep 17, 2013
United Kingdom
Once it’s deleted, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Gone forever.

You can try a restore, but as suggested, safari is linked to iCloud generally and as such the history will be deleted.
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