Recover Harddisk from accidental erase

Discussion in 'macOS' started by qwerasdf, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Dec 12, 2008
    Thanks in advance for any advice in my really bad situtation.

    Macbook Pro OSX10.8, I had accicentally erase Mac HDD drive from disk utility in the setup page. (reboot and press option key)

    At first, I just want to get rid of my bootcamp HDD (never use it for 4 months) and merge HDD to get more space in disk utility, then reinstall osx10.8

    It was my fault while playing game on iphone and do setup osx. I accidentally erase Mac HDD instead of Bootcamp HDD. So I lost all of data.

    How can I recover data? I'm searching some info. that mention about data rescue, It could help me get some data but those file name will be missing,.......

    Is it possible to unformat? I left my Macbook untouch on disk utility page there, once I know my misserable fault.

    It would be great for any advice that could bring me out of this situtation. In my HDD 250GB - MacHDD, approx.200 GB was pictures, autocad drawing file, sketchup model and MAYA model files.

    I want to recover all data the way same as it before (at least, it should be arrange in the folder where it had been before, it would be very mess and confuse to rearrange all data)

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    [[ Is it possible to unformat?
    I want to recover all data the way same as it before (at least, it should be arrange in the folder where it had been before, it would be very mess and confuse to rearrange all data) ]]

    Easy -
    Just connect your bootable cloned backup drive, boot from the backup, and re-clone the backup back to the original drive.

    That's what it would be like WITH a cloned backup.

    "Un-format"? That's like trying to get back to the edge of the cliff, after you have already jumped off and are on your way to the bottom.

    Since you don't have a backup, you might be able to get some of the data back, a little of it back, or none of it back. No way to tell.

    Whatever you get back, you now have to be willing to spend time and money, and buy some additional hardware.

    IF you want any of the data back, you must stop using the MBPro RIGHT NOW. Turn it off until you have data recovery software and the hardware to which to recover the data.

    You will need:
    - Another drive large enough to hold the recovered data.
    - Looks like that drive is going to have to be bootable, too, since you may not have current "second boot source"
    - Data recovery software.

    If you placed your computer into my hands, I think I'd do this:
    FIRST -- take the damaged drive out of the MBPro, and install a fresh drive.
    NEXT -- Get a new OS installed onto the new drive. Set up a new account for yourself
    THEN -- Get ahold of data recovery software, such as "Data Rescue"
    AND -- Get a USB3/SATA "docking station" to hold the old drive. (go to, enter "usb3 sata dock" into the search box, and you will see many choices)

    Boot up the MBPro with the new drive installed.
    Put the damaged drive into the dock, and connect it
    Launch your data recovery software, and "aim it" at the docked drive
    Begin exploring -- "Deep scan" might be the best option -- and see what the DR software can find.

    IMPORTANT -- all data recovery programs work the same way. They let you do the "scan", and usually permit you to recover a single file. This is to be sure that the app has a chance of working for you, before you pay for the registration number. If the single-file-recovery works, you now pay the registration fee, get a code, enter the code, and the DR app "goes to work" on your damaged drive. It will recover the files to a "scratch drive". I believe in this case, you could use the newly-installed drive in the MBPro for this purpose.

    There is no guarantee that the DR app will get all the data back.
    The only way you'll know is if you try.

    In the future, KEEP A BACKUP. You are learning right now why having a backup can be important!

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